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Brunel University, London, (Henley-The Management College), UK.
Ph.D. in Management,1981.
Brunel University, London, (Henley-The Management College), UK.
MBA Program,1978 ( completed successfully the course works of two years MBA program in order to get enrolled on Ph. D )
Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
M. Com. in Management (Aug, 1968).
Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
B. Com. (Hons.) in Management (June, 1967).



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  17. Role of Youth Class in National Development, Paper read in the Seminar held on the occasion of youth Day organized by youth Development Directorate of Bangladesh on 3rd Nov, 1995.
  18. Human Resource Management System in National and International NGO's in Bangladesh, in the Dhaka University Journal Management, June,2009 ( co-author)







  • # Business Management and Administration, published by Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Feb 1985.
  • # Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 1989. The book has been published by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Dhaka, after being translated into Bengali [under BMET (Business Management Education & Training) Project of the World Bank].
  • # Entrepreneurship Development, 1989. The book has been Published by the UGC after being translated into Bengali [Under BMET Project of the World Bank].
  • # Management, 1989. The book has been Published by the UGC after being translated into Bengali [under BMET Project of the World Bank.

Entrepreneurship-A Behavioral Analysis  published by Centre for Entrepreneurship and Management Development, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Management in Bangladesh in IEBM (International Encyclopedia of Business & Management)   published by Thomson Learning, London, UK.,2000( WW Web at:
International Programs Organized:

*  Coordinator, 'Dhaka-Durham Link Program' - a collaborative academic program between the University of Dhaka(Bangladesh) and Durham University Business School (UK) sponsored by the British Council and DFID,UK. 1990.

* Organizer, Hampton University student recruitment and academic program in collaboration with Dhaka University, Bangladesh, sponsored by Hampton Univ.,1998.

* Academic Exchange programs with many other institutions in Bangladesh and abroad initiated.


Conference Papers: 


 *   First National Conference on Commerce Education held under the auspices of the Dhaka University, 1972.

  • # National Seminar on Management held under the auspices of Management Study Team, Department of Management, Dhaka University in 1975.
  • # National Doctoral Conference held under the auspices of Henley-The Management College  (formerly Admin. Staff College), Oxon. UK in 1979.
  • # 1st National Conference on Marketing held under the auspices of Dhaka University in 1984.
  • # International Seminar on Islamic Banking held under the sponsorship of the International Association of Islamic Banks Organized by Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka, March, 1985.
  • # First National Seminar on Problems of Entrepreneurship and Management under the auspices of Bureau of Business Research, Chittagong University on September 13-14, 1985.

*    2000 Winter Educational Staff  Institute Seminar  on Distance  Education held under the auspices Hampton  University, Hampton ,Virginia, USA  on Jan. 5, 2000.
*    Summer Workshop on Information Technology  conducted by the Center for Information Technology, Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach ,Florida, USA July17-20,2001.

  • # Seminar on “ National Youth Policy of  Bangladesh" held under the auspices of Youth Department of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
  • # UK Alumni Networking Event and a discussion session on Creative Thinking held on  Dec. 20,2013 under the auspices British Council.
  • # Policy Dialogue On Social Enterprise, 19 January,2014 held under the auspices of British Council-Bangladesh.     
  • # Workshop on “ Soft Skill Development” held under the auspices of British Council-Bangladesh on 11th March, 2014

    *    Attended and Participated in the International Conference held between 9-11, April,2014 under the auspices of  AMDISA ( Association of Management Development Institutes of South Asia) on 9--11 at Hyderbad University, India


Doctoral Research:

  • # Entrepreneurship and Management Practices among Immigrants from Bangladesh in the United Kingdom, Henley-The Management College/Brunel University, London, 1981.

Research Monographs:

  • # Insurance Business in Bangladesh: A Study of the Pattern, Problems and Prospects: Sponsored and Published by the Bureau of Business Research, Dhaka University, 1977.
  • # Management of the Nationalized Industries: A Study of the Post-Liberation Situation in Bangladesh (Mimeo). This Study was self-sponsored and was conducted in 1972 to 1973.
  • # Problems and Prospects of Brick-Manufacturing Industry in East Pakistan (Mimeo) : This Study was self-sponsored and was conducted in 1969.
      An inquiry into the Problems of Mustard Oil Industry in East Pakistan (Mimeo): This study was self sponsored and was conducted in 1970.
  • # The Evaluation of Community School Project of the Govt. of Bangladesh :sponsored by the Govt. of Bangladesh, Education Ministry, Dhaka 1983 to 1984 under FREPD.
  • # Marketing of Life Insurance with Special Reference to Rural Areas of Bangladesh (Mimeo): Sponsored by Bangladesh Insurance Academy, Dhaka 1984 to 1985.
  • # A Tracer Study of the Graduate of Vocational Training Institutes in Bangladesh (Mimeo): Conducted as a member of the Research Team under the auspices of FREPD, Dhaka; sponsored by SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority), 1989.
  • # A follow-up Study of Past Students of UCEP Schools (Mimeo) : Sponsored by the Underprivileged Children's Educational Program (UCEP), Dhaka, 1991.
  • # A Statistical Profile of UCEP School Children in Bangladesh : Sponsored by UCEP, Dhaka,      1991
  • # A Tracer Study of the Dhaka University Management Graduates (Mimeo) : (As a member of The Research Team) Sponsored by the British Council, Dhaka in cooperation with the Durham University Business School, England and the Department of Management, DU, April,1992

On Going Research Project:

  • # An Assessment of Training Needs of New Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh,Sponsored by the Bureau of Business Research, University of Dhaka.

1. A. R .Howlader Memorial prize 2005 ( on open competition for writing a book) awarded by Dhaka  University.

2. " Distinguished Educationist" award ,1999  by MABS International..

3.   Dhaka Commerce College Gold Medal:  awarded by Dhaka Commerce College 2010.

  • Member, Board of Governors, Darul Ihsan University IBS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Member, curriculum Committee, North South university( on going)
  • Director (Independent), National Credit and Commerce Bank, Bangladesh.
  • Director( Independent) Argon Denim Fabrics Ltd,Dhaka.
  • Vice President and President, Dhaka University Teachers Association, 1990
  • Senate Member, Dhaka University, currently as a  distinguished Researcher and previously as a teachers representative.
  • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Bangladesh Civil Service (Admin.) Academy, Dhaka.
  • Life Member, Greenlands Association, Henley, England.
  • Member, American Management Association, USA.
  • Secretary, Greenlands Association of Bangladesh, Dhaka.
  • Member, Executive Committee, Dhaka University Teachers Association( erstwhile)
  • Member, Finance Committee, University of Dhaka, (as a teachers representative).
  • Member, Selection Committees for Professors & Associate Professors in Management Department of Dhaka University, Chittagong University, Rajshahi University, Jahangir Nagar University and in Finance Department and Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University as a Chancellor's nominee.
  • Member, selection committee for Professor of Humanities Department, BUET as a chancellor’s nominee.
  • Member, Academic Council, BUET as chancellor’s nominee.
  • Member, Bangladesh Technical Education Board, (erstwhile as a Govt. nominee).
  • Member, Minimum Wage Board, Govt. of Bangladesh.( erstwhile as Govt. nominee)
  • Member, Trustee Board, Research Board & Executive Committee, Foundation for Research on Educational Planning and Development (FREPD), Dhaka.
  • Chairman, Governing Body, Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka, (as nominated by the National University of Bangladesh.
  • Chairman, Managing Committee, Nilkhet High School, Dhaka, (as nominated by Dhaka Board).
  • Member, Trustee Board, Dhaka University Book Society.


Professor, Department of Management, Dhaka University, since Oct.1987


Associate Professor, Department of Management, Dhaka University, Aug 1982 to Oct 1987.

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Dhaka University, Feb 1974 to July 1982.

Lecturer, Department of Management, Dhaka University, Jan 1970 to Feb 1974.

Visiting Professor, School of Business, Hampton University, Hampton, VA.( Jan. 1999 to July2000)

Visiting Professor, School of Business, Bethune-Cookman  University, Daytona Beach,
Florida(Aug Professor, School. 2000-May,2002)

Visiting Fellow, Department of Business Management, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India, Sept 1971 to Dec 1971

Professor, ( Part-time ), School of Business, North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Sept.,2003-2013
Professor, (Part-time), East-West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2006-2012

Professor,( Part-time) Independent University, , Bangladesh.


Adviser and Professor(part-time), American International University-Bangladesh

                                                                                          August 1st 2002.-August 31st,2003

Courses developed and taught: (Graduate and Undergraduate, Honors  including M .Phil. level in Bangladesh, India, and at Hampton Univ. &  Bethune-Cookman College, USA ):

Management of International Business, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory,  Behavioral Sciences in Management, Principles of Management, Marketing Management, Retail Management, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Business Policy and Strategic Management, Production Management, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, Problems of Supervision, , Macro-economics, and Insurance & Risk Management.


Administrative Experience:

Vice Chancellor, Dhaka University, Dhaka (Aug-Sept 1996)
Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dhaka University, Dhaka (April 1995 to Jan 1999)
Treasurer, Dhaka University, Dhaka (Nov 1991 to April 1995)
Provost, Surjasen Hall, Dhaka University, Dhaka (April 1990 to Nov 1991)
Chairman, Department of Management, Dhaka University, Dhaka (July 1983 to July 1986)
Director, MBA( evening) Program, Department of Management, University of Dhaka. January 1, 2006- Dec.,2007
House Tutor & Asst. House Tutor, Surjasen Hall, Dhaka University (Nov 1970 to May 1978)
Treasurer, Dhaka University Book Society, (1984 to 1990)
Treasurer, Dhaka University Club, (1989 to 1990)


Editorial Works:

Associate Editor, Business Review, Dhaka 1973-1978
Associate Editor, Dhaka University Studies, Part-C 1988-1989
Editor, DU Journal of Business Studies, Dhaka University, 2004-2006
Editor, DU Journal of Management , Dhaka University, currently since Jan. 2008