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Fatema Nusrat Chowdhury  Assistant Professor
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Fatema Nusrat Chowdhury
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Assistant Professor  
Department of Real Estate
Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship
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MBA program
Department of Banking & Insurance
University of Dhaka

BBA program
Department of Banking
University of Dhaka

  1. “Teaching-Learning, Curriculum and Quality Assurance” on 03 - 07 April 2016 conducted by Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Bangladesh Agricultural University with support from HEQEP UGC Sub-Project 3057 Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
  2. “Advanced Research Course on Research Methodology” on 28 March – 10 May 2014conducted by Bangladesh Peace and Development Mission (BPDM) & Social Science Research Council (SSRC), Ministry of Planning, and Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh at Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  3. “Investors’ Awareness Program” on 10 July – 15 September 2010 conducted by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) & Training Academy of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. At Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Training Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

 Finance & Banking



  1. Khayer, A. & Chowdhury, F. N. (2014). The State of Current Account and the Possible Best Use of Foreign Exchange Reserve: A Study on Bangladesh. Journal of Banking and Financial Services, Department of Banking & Insurance, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Volume 8 Number 1 & 2 (December), pp. 143-164. ISSN: 1990-5157.
  2. Chowdhury, F. N. (2015). Prospects of Foreign Exchange Reserve- A Study on Bangladesh. Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics, Volume 9 Number 1 (June), pp. 77-90. ISSN: 1818-6238.
  3. Chowdhury, F. N. (2017). A Study of Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: Pros and Cons, Journal of Asian Scientific Research, Volume 7 Number 1 (January), pp. 1-11. ISSN(e): 2223-1331/ISSN(p): 2226-5724.
  4. Zayed, N. M.; Chowdhury, F. N. & Hasan, K. B. M. R. (2018). Testing Balassa-Samuelson model to examine purchasing power parity (PPP) of Bangladesh with reference to 1972-2016, Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, Volume 22, Number 1, pp. 1-10. ISSN(e): 1528-2635/ISSN(p): 1096-3685.


Conference paper in proceeding:

  1. Chowdhury, F. N. (2015). A Study of Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: Pros and Cons. Paper presented at Proceeding of The 1 st International Joint Conference of Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Ireland (IJCIMBI) 2015. Venue: UUI Plenary Hall. Organized by: Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia, Banda Aceh, Indonesia on 27-29 April 2015. Volume 1 (September). ISSN: 2442-4676.
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Social business
  • Angel investor and venture capital
  • FOREX accumulation
  • Scholarship: Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Scholarship, Dhaka board, Bangladesh
  • Award: Special award winning article named “A Study of Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: Pros and Cons” in the international conference 1st International Joint Conference of Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Ireland (IJCIMBI) – 2015hosted by Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia held in Indonesia(Banda Aceh) on 27-29 April 2015.

Member of  Banking Club, Department of Banking, University of  Dhaka

  • Visiting professor at School of Business, Chandigarh University, Punjab, India from March 6, 2018 to April 30, 2018 under faculty exchange program from DIU and CU.
  • Lecturer at Department of Business Administration (Finance), Faculty of Business studies & Economics, Bangladesh University, Bangladesh from November 9, 2013 to May 11, 2014.
  • MIS officer at department of Employee Banking of Consumer Banking Division, Standard Chartered Bank from Jan 16, 2012 to April 15, 2012.