Department of General Educational Development
Saujanna Jafreen  Lecturer
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Saujanna Jafreen
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Lecturer  in Statistics
Department of General Educational Development
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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B.Sc, MS. (Statistics, Biostatistics & Informatics)
University of Dhaka.

SL. Title/Topic Name of the Institute From (Date) ------- To (Date)  Year
1. Training course on- ‘SPSS for Professionals, Researchers and Students’ University of Dhaka June- July 2011
2. Teachers Training Jan 10 to 14th 2015 Daffodil International University Jan 10 to 14 2015
3. One day session on “Academic Quality Enhancement” by Dr. Wendy A. Garland Daffodil International University May 15 2015
4. Workshop on Google Classroom for education. Daffodil International University  September 16 2015
5. Workshop on ‘Art of Living’. Daffodil International University November 24 2015
6. A workshop on "Research and Publication"  Daffodil International University March 1   2016
7. A Seminar "How to write a good Research Paper for publication in peer reviewed journals" Daffodil International University  March 9 2016
8. International Workshop on "Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Corporate Governance in Higher Education" Daffodil International University July 29 2016
9. International Training of Trainers on ‘ Lesson Plan, Peer review for Class Auditing, Scientific Teaching Evaluation and Documentation Daffodil International University August 8 2016
10. Training of Trainers on ‘ HEA fellowships- Professional Recognition in L & T in Higher Education Daffodil International University December 12 2016
11. International Workshop on Computational Intelligence (IWCI), IEEE, 2016. Jahangirnagar University December 13 2016
12. International Workshop on Human Values at College of science and technology (CST) Phuentsholing, Bhutan 18-25 March 2017




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  2. Seraj Al Mahmud Mostafa, SheakRashedHaiderNoori, SaujannaJafreen, Transparency- A Key Feature Integration in Existing Privacy Frameworks for Online User, IWCI, IEEE, Jahangirnagar University, Dec, 2016
  3. SaujannaJafreen, The consequences of social media on youths behavior, Daffodil International University, Submitted for publication
  4. Jafreen S., Mallick, T.S. and Khan, J.A. (2014), Ellipsoidal mixture models for clustering: an application to web-based education data. Submitted for publication.
  5. Jafreen S., Mallick, T.S. and Khan, J.A. (2014), Selection of k in k-means clustering. Work under progress.

1. Lecturer of Statistics in Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS)
2. Graduate Teaching Assistant of Statistics in East West University of Health Sciences (EWU)