Department of General Educational Development
A S M Mojibur Rahaman Chawdhury  Senior Lecturer
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A S M Mojibur Rahaman Chawdhury
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Senior Lecturer  in Chemistry
Department of General Educational Development
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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MS in Chemical Engineering

4 weeks  training on Unit operations of Crude oil refining,Planning and Management, Distribution System, Process development, SafetyAspects inEastern Refinery Ltd, Chittagong, Bangladesh. 2008


4 weeks training on Operation Safety and Process Technology Developmentat Training Institute for Chemical Industries, Bangladesh.2009

Phillips 66 Ponca City Refinery visit: Main control room followed by a presentation


Field training at Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Labs at OSU-Tulsa

Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Polymer Science, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Chemical Process Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Technology, Renewable Energy Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics, Electro Chemistry, Food and Nutrition

 A. Journal:

  Author’s Title Name of Journal, Volume, year
  International Chawdhury, A S M Mojibur Rahaman   Chawdhury, A S M Mojibur Rahaman Review of Social Metrics and Tools: Development of Comprehensive Quantification of Social Sustainability in Process Design
Development of A Quantification Tool for Social Sustainability in Process Design
Socio Brains, Issue 10, June 2015 Socio Brains, Issue 10, June 2015


B. Books:

  Author’s Title Publisher
  National A S M Mojibur Rahaman Chawdhury; Mohammad Al Mamun;Taslim-Ur-Rashid Uccha Maddhaymic Rasaion , ditio potro ( Higher Secondary Chemistry, Part 2) Barnamal Prokashani, Bangla Bazar , Dhaka
  International Chawdhury, A S M Mojibur Rahaman Development of A Tool for Socially Sustainable Process Design Lambert  Academic Publishing, Germany

Project on Vegetable Oil as a substitute of Diesel: The project successfully recommended three appropriate technologies for indigenous bio-diesel manufacture.

Thesis on Jute reinforced thermosetting composite: Development of the properties with cost minimization of the ingenious invention of corrugated polymer "JUTIN" as a substitute of metal Tin. The novel thermoset polymer has proved to be strong, durable and environment friendly bringing a new horizon to rejuvenate the heydays of once "Golden Fiber"-Jute. The product invented with the patronization of Radiation and polymer Chemistry Lab, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission. Commercial Production is on the way and Govt. and Alien Organizations have expressed earnest interest to invest in a large scale.


Thesis titled “Development of New Metrics and a Tool for Social Quantification of Sustainable Process Design.” Simulation Engine ASPEN PLUSTM is used for simulate the design.

  1. Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS)
  2. Internation Society of Automation
  3. Omega,Chi, Epsilon
  4. OSU Automation Society
  5. Association of Applied Chemists and Chemical Engineers
  6. Dhaka University Alumni Association
  7. Ex-Notre Damian Association
  8.  Ex-Shaheen Association

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Oklahoma State University.
Teach students Visual Basic Programming in class room environment. Address individual difficulties of students by leading them to the answer through discussion and motivation. Evaluate student performance and maintaining confidential student records.

Teach student on Introduction to Chemical Process EngineeringandChemical Engineering Thermodynamics in classroom environment.