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Shirin Sultana  Lecturer
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Shirin Sultana
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Lecturer  in Mathematics
Department of General Educational Development
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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MS (1st position with CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00) &
B.Sc. (Hons.) (2nd position with CGPA 3.75 out of 4.00) in Mathematics from Jahangirnagar University.


Published Paper:

  1. Hasan, M., Sultana, S., Andallah, L.S. and Azam, T. (2015) ‘Lax-Friedrich Scheme for the Numerical Simulation of a Traffic Flow Model Based on a Nonlinear Velocity Density Relation’, American Journal of Computational Mathematics, 5, 186-194.
  1. Shirajul Islam Ukil, Mollah Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Shirin Sultana, and Md. Sharif Uddin (2015) ‘Effect on Probabilistic Continuous EOQ Review Model after Applying Third Party Logistics’,Mech.Cont.& Math. Sci., Vol.9, No. 2, 1385-1396.
  1. Mollah Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Abu Sadat Muhammad Tanvir, Shirin Sultana, Sultan Mahmud and Md. Sharif Uddin (2014) ‘An Effective Modification to Solve Transportation Problems: A Cost Minimization Approach’, Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 6, No. 2, 199-206.


Accepted Paper:

  1. Sultana, S., Hasan, M., Andallah, L.S. (2015) Age Structured Population Projection of Bangladesh by using a Partial Differential Model with Quadratic Polynomial Curve Fitting’, Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 5, ??-??.
  2. Abu Hashan Md Mashud, Nahid Sultana, Shirin Sultana and S. M. Mahmudul Hasan (2014) ‘Optimization of cost and profit of a tea garden: A comparative approach between Linear and Integer programming’ J. Math. and Math. Sci., Vol. 29,

MS Thesis Topic: Age-Structured Population Projection by Using A Partial Differential Equation Model.

  1. Awarded Junior Scholarship in 2000.
  2. Awarded academic scholarship for B.Sc. (Honours) result from Jahangirnagar University in 2009.

Lecturer in mathematics,

Department of FST, Atish Dipankar Biggayan O Projukti Bishawbiddalay.