Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Mr. Md. Abir Hossain  Lecturer
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Mr. Md. Abir Hossain
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Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Faculty of Allied Health Science
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Master of Science in Food Engineering, 2018
Institution: Department of Food Technology & Rural Industries, Bangladesh Agricultural University.
Major: Food Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Food Engineering, 2016
Institution: Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Bangladesh Agricultural University.
Major: Food Engineering

  • Teachers’ Training Program, Daffodil International University (06 to 10 January, 2019)
  • Integrated Training on Food Safety and Quality Control by Ministry of Education (Research Project ‘Effect of fungicides, ripening agents and preservatives on the quality and safety of selected fresh and processed agricultural produces’), 11 to 15 May, 2018
  • Day long Workshop on Understanding Basic Nutrition, Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID), (August, 2016)
  • Industrial Training, Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Ltd. (12 April to 26 May, 2016)
  • Extension Field Trip (Organizational set-up, current activities & root level working procedure of government offices), Department of Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh (December, 2014)
  • Basics of Microsoft Office, Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, (06 to 17 July, 2014)

Food Storage Engineering, Engineering Properties of Food Materials, Water and Beverage Technology, Fruits and Vegetable Preservation Technology, Packaging Technologies.


  1. Alam, M.A., Zaidul, I.S.M., Ghafoor, K., Sahena, F., Hakim, M.A., Rafii, M.Y., Abir, H.M., Bostanudin, M.F., Perumal, V. and Khatib, A., 2017. In vitro antioxidant and, α-glucosidase inhibitory activities and comprehensive metabolite profiling of methanol extract and its fractions from Clinacanthus nutans. BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 17(1), p.181.


  1. Sahena, Ferdosh and Sarker, Md. Zaidul Islam and Yunus, Kamaruzzaman and M., Abir H. and A. H., Rukshana (2016) Extraction of omega 3 fatty acids from sardine byproducts using supercritical carbon dioxide, In: Medical Research Symposium & Pacific Partnership in conjunction with Kuantan Research Day 2016, 3rd-5th August 2016, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

1. Post Graduate Research Fellow (2016–17): National Science & Technology (NST) Fellowship, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Research Topic: Utilization of Moringa Leaves Powder as Nutritional Supplement in Plain Cakes

2. Undergraduate Project (2016): Department of Food Technology and Rural Industries, Bangladesh Agricultural University.
Research Topic: Effect of Pretreatment with Firming Agents on Preservation of Muskmelon Cubes in Sugar Syrup

  1. Member, Bangladesh Society of Food Engineers and Technologists (BSFET)
  2. Member, Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh (KIB).