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Ms. Tasmia Tasnim  Lecturer
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Ms. Tasmia Tasnim
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Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Faculty of Allied Health Science
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M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition – 2015 University of Nottingham, Division of Nutritional Sciences, School Of Biosciences;
Thesis Project: An investigation on the effect of trans fatty acids in pregnant mother’s diet on the risk of susceptibility to atherosclerosis in the offspring.

2. Bachelor of Science (4 years Honors) in Nutrition and Food Science – 2012 (exam held in 2013)
Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Dhaka.

  1. “Training on SPSS for professionals” -@ Institute of Statistical Research & Training, University of Dhaka
  2. “Laboratory training on separation of RNA from adipose tissue sample of murine” – University of Nottingham
  3. “Practical skill training on Bioinformatics”- Division of Nutritional Science, School of Bioscience, University of Nottingham.
  4. Central short course on Epidemiology- by Faculty of Medicine & Health Science, University of Nottingham

Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Science

  1. Karim, Kazi Muhammad Rezaul, and Tasmia Tasnim. "Nutritional Status, Dietary Food and Nutrient Consumption Patterns in Monga Affected Area ofThe Northern Part Of Bangladesh". Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition 7.2 (2015): 55-63. Web.
  2. Karim, Kazi Muhammad Rezaul, and Tasmia Tasnim. “Patterns of Dietary Nutrient Consumption among Pregnant Mothers in Dhaka City, Bangladesh". Bangladesh Journal of Nutrition 26 (2013-14): 75-85.
  1. Analysis of correlation between sociodemographic variables and nutritional status of street vendors in and around Dhaka University campus
  2. Investigation on impact of trans fatty acid on intergenerational programming of atherosclerosis in rat model
  3. Investigation on pattern of fat intake among diabetic patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Bangladesh
  4. Investigation on phytochemical properties of under-utilized vegetables of Bangladesh

Development Solution Scholarship by University of Nottingham

The Nutrition Society, UK