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Prof. Shah Md. Keramat Ali
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MBBS from Dhaka. D.P.H from Dhaka,M.Comm.H from
Liverpool, England. Ph.D. from Jahangirnagar

At home:
Trained in educational methodology, Primary Health Care, Bio- statistics, Biomedical Research, Maternal Nutrition and Arsenic epidemiology
Nutritional epidemiology, in Liverpool, U.K.
             : Operational Research on Health Science in India.
               Indonesia and Thailand.

               Vegetarian diet in rheumatology, Manila

Public Health,  Nutrition & Epidemiology


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** Italic indicated article published in foreign journals.

Life Member, Nutrition Society of Bangladesh
Life Member, Public Health association of Bangladesh
President Forum for the rights of the elderly
President  Probin  Kollan Porisod.
Life Member, Rheumatology Society
Life Member, Chest and Heart Association
Life Member, Bangladesh Medical Association
Life Member, Biochemical Society of Bangladesh
Life member, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh

  1. General Medical Practice in rural areas                          Up to Sept. 1971
  2. Emergency Medical Officer at Barisal

      Medical College Hospital                                                 Oct. 1971 to June 1973

  1. Deputed to Institute of Postgraduate

      Medicine and Research (IPGMR),                                    July 1973 to June 1974       Dhaka for DPH Course

  1. Lecturer and Assistant Professor of

      Occupational Health, IPGMR, Dhaka                               July 1974 to February, 1976

  1. Deputed to England for M.Com. H. Course

      with Commonwealth Scholarship                                     Jan. 1976 to December 1976

  1. In-charge of the Department of Epidemiology

      and Course Co-ordinator of D.P.H.                                   Jan. 1977 to August 1978

  1. Associate Prof. of Community Medicine

      (current charge) National Institute of Preventive            Sept. 1978 to March 1980
      and Social Medicine (NIPSOM), Dhaka

  1. Associate Prof. Community Medicine
  2. Rangpur Medical College                                    April 1980 to November 1980
  3. Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka             November 1980 to October 1984
  4. Deputed to Bangladesh Institute of Research

      and Rehabilitation of Diabetes, (BIRDEM)                       October 1984 to
      for the project “Epidemiology of Diabetes                      29th March 1986
      Mellitus at Rupganj” and created
      of Epidemiology and Statistic Division at BIRDEM
j.    Professor of Clinical Nutrition Institute of                        March 29 1987 to-
      Nutrition and Food Science, University                            till date
      of Dhaka
k.   Director, Institute of Nutrition and                                   July 1989 to
      Food Science, University of Dhaka                                   June 1992
l.    Prof. of Clinical Nutrition                                                  Up to 30 June 2007