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Ms. Nazneen Ahmeda Sultana  Lecturer
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Ms. Nazneen Ahmeda Sultana
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Department of Pharmacy
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Ph.D Researcher & MPhil. (Part 1 completed), Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Dhaka.
B. Pharm. (Hons.)  M. Pharm.(Thesis), KU

  • Four weeks practical training in OPSONINE PharmaLtd .
  • One-day industrial tour in RENATA   Pharma.
  • One-day industrial tour in ORION Pharma.
  • One-day industrial tour in OPSOSALINE   Pharma.


Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Biomolecular Pharmacy, Medicinal chemistry, Medicinal chemistry practical, Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutical analysis practical, Organic Pharmacy practical.

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  1. Ongoing research on isolation of bioactive compound from Aphanamixispolystachya.
  2. Ongoing research on pharmacological effects of some plant extracts.


  • Junior scholarship
  • Jessore Board scholarship at SSC level
  • Khulna University scholarship at graduate level


Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh

  • As a lecturer at ‘Bangladesh University’ from June 2007 to July 2008.
  • As a Lecturer at ‘Bangladesh University’ from September 2014 to December 2016