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Dr. Md. Obaidul Malek  Associate Professor
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Dr. Md. Obaidul Malek
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Associate Professor  
Department of Software Engineering
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PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering,  Canada.
M.A.Sc  in Electrical and Computer Engineering,  Canada.
M.Sc  in Applied Physics and Electronics,   DU, Bangladesh
B.Sc (Honors) in  Applied Physics and Electronics,  DU, Bangladesh

More than 21 years teaching and research experience in Computational and statistical data modeling, Algorithm design, Cyber security, Data architecture, Biometrics and biomedical, Image and signal processing; Data analysis and optimization; Pattern classification; Computer vision, and Adaptive and sequential filtering  at the universities and industries in the USA, Canada, and Bangladesh.

Signal processing, Image processing, Signals and systems, Probability and stochastic processes, Matrix computation, Computational biometrics, IT/cyber security, Quality assurance and testing, Linear algebra, Adaptive filtering, Optimization, Digital communications, and Digital electronics.

Selected Articles:

  1. O.Malek, D. Androutsos, and R. Alamgir, " A Computational Method to Protect Biometric Templates Against Unlinkability Attack", Submitted at the Journal of Neurocomputing- Elsevier on May 2017. 
  2. R. Alamgir, O. Malek, and A. Venetsanopoulos, "A Sequential Computational Model for Adaptive Space Time Signal Processing", Submitted at the Journal of Theoretical Computer Science- Elsevier on July 2017.
  3. O.Malek, M. Matin, R. Alamgir, and L. Alamgir, "A Variability Modeling Method for Facial Authentication", International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, vol. 13, no. 6, June 2015.
  4. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, D. Androutsos, and L Zhao, "Subspace Sequential Estimator for biometric authentication", Elsevier Neurocomputing, vol. 148, pp. 294-309, July 2014.
  5. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, L. Alamgir, S. Krishnan, and J. Alirezaie, "A Discrete Time Convergence Model for Proliferationable Stem Cell and Its Estimation Using Kalman Filter”, Journal of Bioengineer and Biomedical Sci 3, January 2013.
  6. O.Malek, D. Androutsos, and M. Matin, " A Symmetric Bio-Encryption Method to Protect Biometric Templates", SPIE Proceeding for Defense, Security, and Avionics X Conference, Baltimore Maryland USA April 2016, Accepted to published and Oral Presentation January 2016.
  7. R. Alamgir, O.Malek, L. Alamgir, and M. Matin, "Cardiovascular Authentication: Fusion of Electrocardiogram and Ejection Fraction", International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Science, Las Vegas, July 2015.
  8. R. Alamgir, O.Malek, M. Matin, and L. Alamgir, "Encryption and Data Management Architecture to Protect Biometric Security", International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition, Las Vegas, July 2015.
  9. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, and D. Androutsos, "Facial Biometrics Based on 2D Vector Geometry”, Proceedings SPIE Defense and Security Conference, Baltimore, Maryland USA, vol. 9075, May 2014.
  10. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, D. Androutsos, and L Zhao, "Subspace State Estimator for Facial Biometric Verification”, IEEE Proceedings of CSCI, Las Vegas, Nevada, US, vol.1, March 2014.
  11. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, and J. Alirezaie, "MultiBiometrics Encryption and Its Management Architecture”, Accepted, Proceedings SPIE 2013 Conference on Security and Defence, Remote Sensing Symposium in Dresden, Germany, September 2013.
  12. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, L. Alamgir, S. Krishnan, and J. Alirezaie , "A Computational Model for Proliferationable Muscle Stem Cells”, International Conference and Exhibition on Vaccines and Vaccination, Philadelphia, USA, November 2011.
  13. O. Malek, A. Venetsanopoulos, and A. Anpalagan, "A Comparison Studies Between Wiener and Adaptive State Estimation Algorithms for Space-Time Adaptive Radar Processing”, Proceedings SPIE 7799, Mathematics of Data/Image Coding, Compression, and Encryption with Applications XII, 779907, September 2010.
  14. O. Malek, B. Balaji, M. McDonald, and T. Kirubarajan, "STAP with Adaptive State Estimation in Nonstationary Heterogeneous Systems”, Proceedings SPIE Conference on Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures and Implementations, San Diego, CA, August 2009.
  • Image and signal processing (Biometric /Biomedical)
  • IT/Cyber security
  • Optimization
  • Computational intelligence
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • McMaster university graduate scholarship
  • Ryerson university graduate scholarship
  • Ontario graduate scholarship for Master's and PhD students
  • Member, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and IEEE

Assistant Professor                                                               May 2016- Apr 2017
American International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lead Scientific Research Officer                                           Feb 2015-Apr 2016
Center for Biometrics and Biomedical Research
Virginia, USA

Research and Teaching Associate                                        Sep 2009-Dec 2014
Ryerson University Toronto, Canada

Research and Teaching Assistant                                         Sep 2007- Jul 2009
McMaster University Hamilton, Canada

Computer Programmer                                                         Oct 2002 - Aug 2004
Ralph Thornton Centre Toronto, Canada

Director Academic and Assistant Professor                          Feb 1998 - Apr 2002
Department of Computer Science
Centre for Computer Studies (CCS)
National University, Bangladesh
Affiliated with University of London, UK

Lecturer                                                                                 Oct  1995-Jan 1998
Department of Electronics and Applied Physics
Currently called: Applied Physics, Electronics
and Communication Engineering
Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh