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Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Rezwan  Assistant Professor & Associate Head
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Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Rezwan
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Assistant Professor & Associate Head  
Department of Architecture
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Degree University Year Results
M.Arch BUET 2020 3.33
B.Arch BUET 2006-2012 CGPA 3.37



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Visiting Programme | Centring Human Rights in Smart City Design, Berlin and Darmstadt


FNF South Asia

1-8 February 2020


Participated in International Workshop on ‘New Urban Typology’

Bengal Institute,

Färgfabriken, Sweden

18-20 November, 2019


Coordinator of Grammo Residential workshop at Khidir Para, Munshiganj


5-7 August, 2019


International Faculty Development Program (IFDP- 2019)

Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, India

8 - 12 July, 2019


Conducted seminar on ‘Public opinion on Master Plan of Gulistan Skywalk’


25 May, 2019


Coordinator of Grammo Residential workshop at Kautia, Manikganj


10-12 April, 2019


Coordinator of Seminar on ‘Ride Sharing Business’


8 December, 2018.


Organizer and Speaker of seminar and discussion on ‘What is smart city’


1 December, 2018.


Conducted seminar on ‘Integrating pedestrian circulation with elevated BRT, expressway in new market intersection’


6 October, 2018.


Seminar on ‘Smart Cities and Modern Mobility’

FNF-IAF, Germany

2 - 9 September, 2018.


Curator and coordinator of 2 day exhibition, seminar and book launching on ‘ Urban Mobility: Design for pedestrian’


8 May- 9 May, 2018


Conducted 5 day seminar ‘Contemporary architectural trend in Bangladesh : collection of projects sensible to ‘location’

Chitkara University, Chandigarh, India

From 13 October- 3 November, 2017


Conducted Seminar ‘Connecting Past :historic reference in contemporary practice of Bangladesh’

Dept. of Architecture, Karabuk University, Turkey

20 February, 2017


Conducted Seminar ‘Water and Architecture: Louis I. kahn’s parliament building at Dhaka; Characteristics of living with flood and architecture in delta

Dept. of Architecture, Karabuk University, Turkey

17 February, 2017


  1. Kanika Bansal and Sheikh Rezwan (2022). Comparing Social Sustainability: Traditional Practices in Wooden Houses with Contemporary Practices in Masonry Houses in Munshiganj.
  2. Rezwan, S.M., Chowdhury, M.A.H., Rahman, S.M.M. (2022). Assessment of Ecosystem Services, Plant Diversity Pattern, and Water Quality of an Urban Water Body in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In: Abdalla, H., Rodrigues, H., Gahlot, V., Salah Uddin, M., Fukuda, T. (eds) Resilient and Responsible Smart Cities. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation. Springer, Cham.
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  7. Rezwan, Sheikh Md., Mounota, S.H. (2017/), Contextual Factors Influencing Successful Public Place Making: in Case of Public Plazas in Dhaka City, UIA (Union of International Associations) World Congress of Architecture 2017, Seoul.
  8. Debnath, Kumar & Hossain, M & Rezwan, Sheikh & Iqbal, Md. (2015). Exploring the solar energy potential for multistoried commercial office buildings in a dense CBD area of a megacity.
  9. Rezwan, S.M. Impact of Atrium Proportions on the Distribution of Daylight Level on the Adjacent Space in the Shopping Mall of Dhaka City (2015),International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, Vol. 4, No 3, 2015ISSN 2278-3687 (O), India
  • Research work
  • Assistant researcher at IPEN-BUET Adolescent study: Relationship of Neighborhood and physical activity of children aged 12-18
  • BUET-ILO Fire & Electrical Safety Assessment of Existing RMG Factory Buildings in Bangladesh, Field survey and Report submission on twelve (12) RMG Factory Buildings, 2013
  • Founder of the initiative ‘Grammo’-residential research program at village for a better future. Multi-disciplinary, participatory research module for a sustainable tomorrow. Conducted three 3-day residential workshop at Manikganj and Munshiganj. Working to write joint research paper with Chitkara University, India
  • Worked as Coordinator, Smart City (Mobility and Infrastructure), DIU-FNF. Actively worked from 2017-2020 for contextual background of Smart Dhaka, research work involving university students and think tank, generating proposals, disseminating knowledge and advocating with the Govt. Articles published in National daily on Skywalk: A smart solution for pedestrians of Dhaka.
  • 2019 DIU-FNF feasibility of Skywalk in Dhaka: Through concept seminar, sharing outcome for feedback through exhibition and finalization. Academic work converted into Idea proposal and sent to DTCA for consideration- Skywalk in Gulistan and New market. Meetings held to explain idea
  • Articles published in National daily on Skywalk: A smart solution for pedestrians of Dhaka in 2019
  • Books titled ‘Urban Mobility: Design for pedestrian’ in association of DIU and FNF was published with works of Design Studio VII, of Spring 2018 semester. Project forwarding and collection of the projects were done under my guidance studio.
  • Assistant researcher at IPEN-BUET Adolescent study 2016: Relationship of Neighborhood and physical activity of children aged 12-18 supervisor: Dr. Mohmmed Zakiul Islam
  1. University(BUET) Merit Scholarship, talent pool grade in 5 semester from 2006-2012
  2. First prize in the Open- Architectural Design Competition of "Multi-Storied Green Office Building for RajUK" at Mohakhali, Dhaka-2014 as a design team member.
  • Member, Institute of Architects Bangladesh (R-193)
01 Lecturer Daffodil International University March 2014- October 2016
02 Lecturer State University of Bangladesh(SUB) September 2012-March 2014
03 Architect Ahmedhossain Architects and Associates April 2012-August 2012