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Professor M. A. Akkas
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Department of Business Administration
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MBA in Management of Technology (MOT), AIT, Bangkok
1992, GPA-3.6 out of 4.

M.Com in Management, Dhaka University, 1982, Ist
class, 1st position

B.Com Hons in Management, Dhaka University, 1981,
Ist Class, 1st position.

Organizational Behavior, Management, Human Resource
Management, Industrial Relations, Career Planning



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Text Books published 


An Introduction to Business, Mallik Brothers, Dhaka, 1989.

A Handbook of Three Tax Laws in Bangladesh, Mallik Brothers, Dhaka, 2002.

Human Resource Management, Mallik Brothers, Dhaka  ( going to be published).

Readings in Management, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, Dhaka,   2001.

Lecturer in the Department of Management,
University of Dhaka from 1985 to 1988


Assistant professor in the Department of Management,
University of Dhaka, from 1988 to 1993


Associate Professor, Department of Management,
University of Dhaka from 1993 to 2000


Professor, Department of Management Studies,
University of Dhaka since September 2000


Part-time teacher, BRAC University,   2006- 2208.

Guest lecturer, IBA, Dhaka University.

Guest Teacher, Victoria University, Dhaka.

Guest Teacher, Stamford University of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Part-time teacher, Brac University.

Part time faculty, ICAB, Dhaka.