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Dr. Sayedul Anam
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Department of Business Administration
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PhD in Mathematics in the faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences from Jahangirnagar University.
MBA- Major in Quantitative Business Analysis, Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University.
B.Sc (Hons.) & M.Sc in Mathematics, Jahangirnagar University.

Mathematics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics



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Participated and presented research papers in more than 10 International conferences in different countries. Some are given below:


  • Babu, M. A., Ahmmed, M. M., Anam, S., & Rahman, M. M. (2023, May). CO2 Discharges, Consumption of Energy, and Growth of GDP in KSA: A Pragmatic Analysis. In International Conference on Data Analytics and Insights(pp. 679-690). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
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  • Uddin, M. S., Anam, S. & Khan, A. R. 2018. “Forecasting Agricultural Production in Bangladesh Using Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) Analysis”. International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Bangladesh.


Development network model: An approach to minimize transport cost, Jahangirnagar University-2009

Lecturer of Mathematics, Scholars School & College, Dhamondi, Dhaka.