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Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman
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PhD Student,  University of Dhaka
M.Sc. (Statistics),
Masters in Gerontology

2001:  International Workshop on Child Labour and Teachers Role. Team Leader of Bangladeshi Delegates on 2001 at Mumbai, India. Organized by the World Confederation of Teachers (WCT) Brussels Belgium.

2004: Training on SPSS from Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT) Dhaka University 2004

2006: Training on HIV/AIDS, Aitam Foundation, Bangladesh 2006

2007:  Training on Right Based Development Approach, International Voluntary Services (IVS), Bangladesh 2007

2007: Training on Human Rights and Child Labour, BSSF Dhaka, organized by International Labour Organization (ILO)

2007: Training on Monitoring and Evaluation, CARE, Bangladesh 2007

2008:  Trainer on Documentation and Data Analysis, Network Project, Naripokkho. Funded by Norwegian Embassy, Dhaka 2008

2010:  International Workshop on HIV & AIDS as a Facilitator of Bangladeshi Delegates on 22-26 March 2010 at Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by Coalition of Asia Pacific Regional Network on HIV & AIDS (Seven Sisters & The Global Fund)

2010: The 20th CEDIMES Conference.     Laval University, Canada, 6-12 November 2010

2011:  5th Asian Business Research Conference December, 24-26 BIAM Foundation, Dhaka, organized by World Business Research Institute.

2011: Workshop on Research Methods and E-views, 26-28 December 2011, Presidency University.

2012: Social Business Day 2012 28 June 2012 at Savar Dhaka as Moderator of Academic Networking Session with Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammd Yunus as the Chair.

2012: Global Social Business Summit 2012 from 8-10 November 2012 at Austria Centre Vienna as the delegation of Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammd Yunus.

2012: Social Business Campaign to 18 Public and Private Universities in Bangladesh as Academic Advisor, Social Business Campaign Team of Yunus Centre, Bangladesh (2012-2013).

2013: International conference on Tertiary Education: Realities and Challenges 19-21 January, DIU Auditorium, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.

2013: Riviera Program India. As the Team Leader of Bangladeshi Delegates on 7-12 February 2013, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India 2013 Daffodil International University Dhaka Bangladesh.

2013: Social Business Day 2013 28 June 2013 at Hotel Radisson Dhaka Bangladesh as the team leader of DIU. (Presenter of Academic Core Session hosted by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus).

2013: Social Business Forum in Asia, as the Bangladeshi delegation of Prof. Muhammad Yunus on Social Business at Fukuoka, Japan 28-29 July 2013

2013: The Global Social Business Summit 2013 5-7 Nov 2013 at Kuala Lumpur City Centre, KL Malaysia.

2013: Organized and hosted the Social Business Youth Convention 2013 on 29 June 2013 at DIU Auditorium, Daffodil International University where Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was the Key Note Speaker.

2014: International conference on Dementia and Bangladesh: Challenges of an Ageing Population for a Developing Country from 12-13 February 2014 at BIAM Foundation. Organized by Sir William Beveridge Foundation Bangladesh.

2014: Social Business Day 2014 28 June 2014 at Hotel Radisson Dhaka Bangladesh as the team leader of DIU delegation.

2014: Training Program on Elderly Homecare Services from 25-28 June 2014 at Sir William Beveridge Foundation (SWBF), Bangladesh jointly organized by HelpAge International Bangladesh and SWBF.

2014: Prevalence of Dementia in Bangladesh       September     Sir William Beveridge Foundation Bangladesh

2015: Health Care for the Senior Citizens  23-25 March World Health Organization (WHO) and HelpAge International     
2015: Review and Development of BCC Materials and Messages related to Nutrition for Elderly Peoples o Bangladesh     (As Resource Person)      22-23 April   National Nutrition Services IPHN Dhaka

2015: Expert presentation on Study on  The Socio-Economic Condition and    Dementia Situation of Older Persons    in Selected Rural Areas of Bangladesh  (Key note Speaker)       12 August          BILLS Dhaka

2015:  Workshop on Dementia  (As a resource Person)   7 Nov Centre for Palliative Care BSMMU and HelpAge Int. Dhaka (Gave training to both nurses and doctors of BSMMU

2015: Youth Summit on Ageing         14 Nov        Shomajsheba Auditorium Agargaon Dhaka  

2016: Quest for Knowledge: Developing Tourism Destination  02 March Bandung Institute of Tourism Indonesia (Presented a paper titled Factors Affecting the Job Satisfaction of Tourism Sector in Bangladesh)
2016: Social Business: Lesson from Bangladesh   01 March    University of Ubudiyah, Banda Aceh, Indonesia  
2016: Master Trainer Program on Dementia 10-15 January Bangladesh Action Alliance Foundation and HelpAge International        
2017: International Conference on Employability and Soft Skills        23-25 March 2017 Permanent Campus Ashulia Daffodil International University    

  • Statistics,
  • Business Statistics,
  • Applied Statistics,
  • Business Research Methodology,
  • Art of  Living,
  • Social Research,
  • Gerontology.


Books (Research Monograph) : 

1. Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Bangladesh: A Study at the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Levels by Masud Ibn Rahman, Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman and Md. Shibli Shahriar, May 17, 2011 Publisher:  VDM Verlag Dr. Muller. Germany. ISBN 978-3-639-30241-7. 

2. Job Satisfaction: An Analysis of Satisfaction Factors of Bank Employers in Bangladesh. Masud Ibn Rahman, Shampa Shaha and Md. Shibli Shahriar Publisher:  VDM Verlag Dr. Muller. 2011-01-20, Germany.

3. Empirical Study on the Perception of Social Business in Bangladesh. June 2014. Bureau of Business and Economics Research. Faculty of Business and Economics Daffodil International University. By Masud Ibn Rahman and Rafiqul Islam

4. Quality of Work Life among the Employees of Banking Sector in Bangladesh: A Gender Perspective. June 2014. Bureau of Business and Economics Research. Faculty of Business and Economics Daffodil International University. By Sampa Saha and Masud Ibn Rahman

Book Chapter:
5. Masud Ibn Rahman, Rumana Parveen, Mohammad Mohiuddin, (2014) "Motivational Factors Influencing Social Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh" Routledge Publishing UK under the book title "Building Businesses In Emerging and Developing Countries: Challenges And Opportunities".  Edited by Elie Virgile Chrysostome, Rick Molz.

Articles :
6. E-govt: Expectation among People in Bangladesh. International Journal of E-Politics, S. S. M. Sadrul Huda, Rumana Prveen and Masud Ibn Rahman. Wayne State University Detroit, MI, 48202, USA , vol. 1, No. 4, PP 77 – 95, October – December 2010.

7. Dividend Surprise and Market Reaction: Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Ltd., Muhammad Forhad Hossain, Md. Moniruzzaman Siddique  and Masud Ibn Rhaman The South Asian Journal of Management, Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), Vol. 13 Issue No. 4, October–December, 2006

8. Entrepreneurial Intension among Business Graduate Students in Bangladesh. Rumana Parveen and Masud Ibn Rahman Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies Vol. 1 No. 1 June 2009 PP 142-162.

9. Client Choice analysis of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: Some Policy   Implications., Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury and Masud Ibn Rahman The Cost and Management, Journal of ICMAB, Vol. 34 No. 1 January-February 2006 pp.46-65.

10. Job Satisfaction: A Study on the Public and Private University Teachers of     Bangladesh.
Masud Ibn Rahman, Rumana Parveen and Mamun Ibn Rahman  The Cost and Management, Journal of ICMAB, May-June 2006 Vol-34 No.3 PP. 73-90.

11. Book-Building: Will It Really Help to Build the Market?, K. M. Zahidul Islam, Md. Moniruzzaman siddiquee and Masud Ibn Rhamn. Journal of Business Research, Jahangirnagar Univeristy, Vol. 8, June 2006

12. Population Aging and Its Implications in Bangladesh. Masud Ibn Rahman and Amin Masud Ali Jahangirnagar Review Part II Social Science, Vol XXXI 2007 PP-245-268.

13. Perceptions of Consumers and Sellers on Chemical Mixed Hazardous Food Items and Its Implications on Health. Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury and Masud Ibn Rahman South Asian Journal Of Population And Health (Jph). (Vol. 2 No. 1 January 2009 pp 59-71).

14. Perceptions of the Customers Towards Insurance Companies in Bangladesh Tamzid Ahmed Chowdhury, Masud Ibn Rahman and Syed Rownak Afza  BRAC University Journal  Vol. IV Number 2 2007 pp55-66.

15. Second Order Bias and Mean Squared Errors of Some Estimators Using Single Auxiliary Variable. M I Hossain, Masuid Ibn Rahman and Muhammad Tareq  Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 1 No. 1 July 2006 PP. 37-46.

16. Job Satisfaction among Public and Private College Teachers of Dhaka City: A Comparative Analysis. Masud Ibn Rahman, Syed Maruf Reza and Abu Rashed Osman Published in electronic format in Conference Proceedings of 1st Annual EuroMed Conference, held on Nov 17-18, 2008 in Marseille, France.

17. Prospects of Super Shop Concept in Dhaka City; Hemanta Bahadur Gurung, Masud Ibn Rhaman and Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury. Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 1 No. 1  July 2006 pp. 61-70.

18. Revisiting SME Financing in Bangladesh, Mohammad Moniruzzaman Siddiquee, K M Zahidul Islam and Masud Ibn Rahman  Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2006
Accessible at  

19. Estimating the Co-integrating Relationship Between Agricultural Wage and Rice Price in Bangladesh. Masud Ibn Rahman. Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 2 No-1, Jan 2007 pp 21-31.

20. Factors Shaping the Customer’s Choice of Brands in Mobile Telecommunication Sector in Bangladesh: An Insight Through Aktel GSM Bangladesh Ltd. Masud Ibn Rahman and A S M Tareq. Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 3 No.-2, PP 57-67 December 2008.

21. Problems and Strategies in Service Marketing: Bangladesh Perspective. Tamgid Ahamed Chowdhury and Masud Ibn Rahman.  Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 3  Vol 2. No-1 January 2007 pp 53-77.

22. Job satisfaction of Bank Employees in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the Satisfaction Factors. Masud Ibn Rahman, Hemanta Bahadur Gurung and Shampa Shaha Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 4. No. 1&2, 2009. 

23. Customers’ Attitude towards Courier Services as an Alternative of Postal Service in Bangladesh. Nigar Sultana Md. Riazul Islam and Masud Ibn Rahman Jagannath University Journal of Business Studies Vol-1 No. 2, 47-60, (2011).

24. Understanding Consumer Ethnocentrism in a Developing Country through Perception towards foreign-made goods by different socio-demographic Groups in Bangladesh.  Tamgid Ahmaed Chowdhury and Masud Ibn Rhaman. Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, 15:PP: 27–53,  28 February 2014 Routledge, UK.

25. Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks: Perception and Consumption pattern among the Youth in Bangladesh. Masud Ibn Rahman, Awal Hossain and Syed Mizanur Rahman. Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies Vol. No. 2013.

26. Behavioral Financing: demographic Factors and Services of Brokerage House in Bangladesh: Wahida Farzana, Masud Ibn Rahman, Mohammad Nurul Huda Mazumdar: World Journal of Social Sciences. July 2012. Paper number 259. Published by World Business Institute, London, Aust.

27. Elder Abuse and Neglect: Evidence from Bangladeshi Older Woman. Masud Ibn Rahman.  Bangladesh Journal of Geriatrics. Vol 48 October 2013 PP 101-111.

28. The Death Care Industry A Review of Regulatory and Consumer Issues. Masud Ibn Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain Shohag and Rumana Parveen Global Journal of Quantitative Science, July 2015

29. Products and Services for Active Ageing: The Case of Bangladesh  Masud Ibn Rahman Md. Thouhid-Ul-Alam Bangladesh Journal of Geriatrics Vol 49 June 2015

30. A Study on the Disparity between the Job Satisfaction of Privae and Public School Teachers in Bangladesh. Masud Ibn Rahman, Rumana Parveen, Shibli Shahriar and Sayedul Anam. Global Journal of Quantitative Science. Vol 1 No 1 March 2014 Issue: pp 43-49

Submitted and Working Papers
31. Hazardous Chemicals in Foodstuffs: Perception of Consumers, Sellers and Doctors in Bangladesh, Appetite, University College London (UCL), London, UK (Submitted).

32. The Growing Private English Teaching Industry in Bangladesh: A Curse or a Blessing. Akter Jahan and Masud Ibn Rahman Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics June (working paper).

33. The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Company Profitability and Growth: An Empirical Study on Some Selected Service Organizations in Dhaka City, Bangladesh, Iktiar Alam and Masud Ibn Rahman Journal of Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management (JSCCRM), Upcoming issue, IBIMA Publication Library, Pennsylvania, USA (Submitted).

34. Conceptualizing Consumer Ethnocentrism in a Developing Country: Validity and applicability of CETSCALE in Bangladesh. Tamgid Ahamed Chowdhury and Masud Ibn Rahman (submitted to Journal of Marketing Management).

Conference Papers:

  1. Motivational Factors influencing the Social Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, Proceeding of 20th CEDIMES Conference 6-12 November 2010, Canada.
  2. Social Business Model of Grameen Bank. Talk to Stephen A. Jharislowsky, Chair. Laval University, Canada, 6-12 November, 2010. 
  3. Child Labour and the Role of Teachers: The Bangladesh Perspective. Presented at the Seminar on Child Labour by World Confederation of Teachers (WCT), March 2000, Mumbai, India.
    38.  Factors Affecting the Job Satisfaction of Tourism Sector in Bangladesh. Presented at the Conference Quest for Knowledge: Developing Tourism Destination. 02 March 2016 at Bandung Institute of Tourism, Bandung, Indonesia.

Business and Management,  Social Business,Ageing Statistics,  Gerontology, Active Ageing Time Series Analysis, Co-integration, Model Building, Demography, Social Science, Tourism.

  1. University Supplement Scholarship (in Both B.Sc. and M.Sc.) 
  2. Dean’s Scholarship, Department of Statistics Jahangirnagar University
  3. Dhaka Education Board Scholarship (throughout the studentship)
  4. Mevlana Scholarship 2016 Karabuk University Turkey
  1. Member of the Child Rights Committee. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Bangladesh
  2. Academic Advisor, Social Business Campaign Team, Yunus Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (honorary position)
  3. Member of Statistical Alumni Association, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
  4. Member of the Bangladesh Association Advanced Studies (BAAS), BCSIR, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  5.  Member of Bangladesh Statistical Society (BSS).
  6. General Secretary of Ageing Support Forum Bangladesh. ISWR, University of Dhaka.
  7.  Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Gerontological Association, ISWR, University of Dhaka.
  8. Associate Member of Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine (BAAIGM), Agargaon Dhaka.

1. Researcher, March 1998 to April 2000, BSSF –A Project of World Confederation of Labour (WCL).

2. Lecturer of Statistics and Mathematics, March 2000 to May 2005 Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB).

3. Senior Lecturer From May 19, 2005 to April 08, 2006 Faculty of Business an dEconomics, Daffodil International University

4. Assistant Professor, From April 08, 2006 to May 2014 Faculty of Business and Economics, Daffodil International University

5. Academic Advisor, Social Business Campaign Team of Yunus Centre, from January 2012- December 2013. Dhaka, Bangladesh. (This was an honorary position).

6. Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics, Daffodil International University.
7. Visiting Professor Laval University, Canada

8. Adjunct Professor: Universitas Ubudiyah, Indonesia

9. Visiting Professor: Karabuk University, Turkey

10. Visiting Professor: Istanbul University, Turkey

11. Visiting Professor: Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

12. Visiting Professor: Bangkok University, Thailand
13. Visiting Professor: Bangdung Institute of Tourism Indonesia