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Dr. S M Sohel Rana  Associate Professor
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Dr. S M Sohel Rana
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Department of Business Administration
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BBA and MBA in Marketing, Dhaka University (DU)
PhD (Marketing), University Malaysia Perlis

  1. Two-day long workshop on PLS-SEM data analysis with Smart PLS version2.0M3 software.UniMAP, Malaysia, 03.02.15 & 04.02.15.
  2. Day long seminar on “From research to commercialization value”. UniMAP, Malaysia, 08.01.2015.
  3. Day long workshop on Research methodology (sampling, data collection and data analysis techniquesUniMAP, Malaysia, 15.12.14.
  4. Day long workshop on How to do the literature review and identify the research problem, UniMAP, Malaysia 16.12.14
  5. Day long workshop on How to write good research papers and publish in high impact journals. UniMAP, Malaysia 10.12.14
  6. Day long workshop on how to write a PhD thesis. CGS, UniMAP, Malaysia, June 27, 2014.
  7. Effective Teaching Methodology, 9.11.2012, NorthernUniversity Bangladesh. Dhaka.
  8. The Carkhuff Productivity Framework for success in this competitive business environment. 28th July, 2012, Northern University Bangladesh.
  9. A Practical Orientation on Advertising and Branding” day long training program.  28.12. 2010, Northern University Bangladesh.
  10. Foundation Training Course in Banking System organized by SIBL Training Institute from 18th April to 15th May, 2010.
  11. IMC applications in Bangladesh paper presented by Mr. GausulAzamShaon, Vice President, Grey Bangladesh. Organized  by FOB, Dhaka University, dated 29.05.2009.
  12. Marketing Practices of Agricultural Products in Bangladesh. Day long training program conducted by Mr.ShykhSeraj, a Bangladeshi journalist, media personality and agriculture development activist. Over the last three decades he has been working on agriculture issues. Organized  by FOB, Dhaka University.(2006)

Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, Research Methodology, International Business Policy and Strategy, Service Marketing, International Marketing, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain Management.


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  1. Graduate Employability: Industry Requirements and Responsibilities of Institutions of Higher Education. Presented in International Summit for Employability and Soft Skills, March 23-25, 2017. Dhaka,  Bangladesh.
  2. Supply Chain Strategies and Retail Supply Chain Efficiency. Presented in the International Conference on Marketing Accounting and Economics, organized by the International Postgraduate Network (ICMAE 2015), Ho Chi Minh, 10-11 November 2015(3).
  3. Determinants of customer satisfaction of retail chain stores: An empirical study on Bangladeshi retailers. Presented in the 4th International Malaysia-Ireland Joint Symposium on Engineering, Science and Business 2014, 25th – 26th June 2014, Penang Island, Malaysia - Paper ID: IMiEJS2014-18.
  1. Received the best paper award. International Summit for Employability and Soft Skills, March 23-25, 2017. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. Winner of the Three Minutes Thesis Presentation in the social science faculty, University Malaysia Perlis, 2016.
  3. Graduate Assistant (GA) Scholarship for doing Ph.D. at University Malaysia Perlis, 2015.
  4. Got reward on the basis of excellent Teaching Efficiency Ratings (TER) from Northern University Bangladesh (2012).
  5. Enjoyed board scholarship for four years (From 2003 to 2006).