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Ms. Masuma Parvin  Assistant Professor
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Ms. Masuma Parvin
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Assistant Professor  
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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Master of Science (Thesis Group):
Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh,Mathematics(Applied)
3rd position,(75-80 % marks).


Bachelor of Science (4 Years Honors):
Jahangirnagar University,Bangladesh,Mathematics,
2nd position,(70-75% marks).

  1. Three days training on "Basic Training for Tertiary Level Education"  arranged by GED department  from 12 August 2018 to 14 August 2018.The training session was divided into four parts: (i) Productive Skills (ii)Self-esteem (iii)Research & Development(iv)Basic Training for Teachers. 
  2. Workshop titled "Achieving Professional Excellence (APEX) - InnerPersonal Development", November25, 2019. Facilitator/Trainer (Profile Attached): Advocate Lion Prof. (Dr.) Firdos T. Shroff, Arranged by Skill jobs.
  3. Attended all the sessions of Questioning Questions in 2019. Also presented my ideas in Poster Presentation on Questioning Questions project 11 June, 2019.
  4. Workshop on “Learning Disabilities and Its Management" which is held from 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm on 19th March 2019 at Digital Classroom of Level 4 of Daffodil Tower.
  5. Seminar on " Web-Based electricity cost modeling: Pilot Project " arranged by EEE and SWE department at Daffodil International University on 23 April, 2019.
  6. Workshop titled "Research Methodology of Cutting-edge Technology Based Research on Fluid Flow" was hold on 15 January, 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the interest and further research scope on that topic. The workshop conducted by Dr. Joshim Uddin, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of GED, and Daffodil International University. 
  7. Attended A workshop titled "Effective Use of Google Class Room for the Daffodil International University Students to Increase Critical Thinking” hold on 21 January, 2019. 




  1. Effects of co-curricular activities on student's academic performance by machine learning SR Rahman, MA Islam, PP Akash, M Parvin, NN Moon, FN Nur, Current Research in Behavioral Sciences, 2021, Volume-2, Pages:100057, Publisher: Elsevier.
  2. Natural language processing based advanced method of unnecessary video detection.” NN Moon, I Salehin, M Parvin, MM Hasan, MT Iftakhar, SC Debnath,NN Farnaz, M Saifuzzaman- International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering,2021,     Volume-11,Issue-6,Pages: 5411,Publisher: IAES Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science
  3. Masuma Parvin, M.S.Alam, Laek Sazzad Andallah. “Least-Square Approximation of the Growth rate in Malthusian Model for Population Projection in Dhaka City”, published to the Jahangirnagar Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (Bangladesh), ISSN: 2219-5823, Vol.27, P 37-52.December’2012.
  4. Nahid Sultana, Masuma Parvin, Ronobir Sarker,Laek Sazzad Andallah, “Simulation of Traffic Flow Model with Traffic Controller Boundary”, Published  to International Journal of Science and Engineering (IJSE), Indonesia. p-ISSN:2086-5023,e-ISSN:2302-5743,Vol 5, No 1 (2013),    P 25-30,2013 .(
  5. Masuma Parvin, “Projecting the population size of Dhaka city with migration using growth rate method”, Published to the IOSR Journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM), India, Volume 8,Issue 5(Nov.- Dec.2013),P 29-37. e-ISSN:2278-3008,   p-ISSN:2319-7676.
  6.  Masuma Parvin1, Mosammat Arifa Akter2, Ronobir Sarker3 "A Linear Model of Age Structured Population Projections of Bangladesh”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems (JARDCS), Vol. 11, Special Issue-08, 2019, Pages: 357-363. Published: August2019.paper links:  
  7. Mosfiqur Rahman, Masuma Parvin, Sayedul Anam , M.A Rubi, "Forecasting of Agricultural Loan in Bangladesh", International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE),  ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8 Issue-2S10, Pages:589-594. DOI: 10.35940/ijrte. B1106.0982S1019,September 2019. Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication .paper links:






1. Masuma Parvin,Least-Square Approximation for Population Projection in Dhaka City:Most systematic procedure to fit a unique curve,Publisher:LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing,GmbH & Co. KG,Germany,25th May 2012. ISBN: 978-3-8473-7467-1.Available on:1.

2. Masuma Parvin and Nahid Sultana, Analytical and Numerical Study on a Fluid Dynamic Traffic Flow Model:A finite difference scheme for a traffic flow model. Publisher:LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing,GmbH & Co. KG,Germany,9th July 2012. ISBN: 978-3-659-17103-1.Available on:1.



Conference Papers: 


  1. Machine Learning Approach to Predict SGPA and CGPA,
    M Saifuzzaman, M Parvin, I Jahan, NN Moon, FN Nur, SF Shetu, 2021 ,Presented to the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Technology (ICAICST) , 2021, Pages:211-216,Publisher:IEEE
  2. Identifying the writing style of Bangla language using natural language processing
    SF Shetu, M Saifuzzaman, M Parvin, NN Moon, R Yousuf, S Sultana – 2020, 2020 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), Pages: 1-6, Publisher: IEEE
  3. Syeda Farjana Shetu , Nazmun Nessa Moon , Masuma Parvin ,Sharmin Sultana ,Ridwanullah Yousuf ,Mohd. Saifuzzaman "IDENTIFYING THE WRITING STYLE OF BANGLA LANGUAGE USING NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING "Accepted in International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Applications,05 - 07 Feb 2020 , AKTU New Campus, Lucknow, India .
  4. Masuma Parvin, Ronobir Sarker, Layek Sazzad Andallah, “A linear model of Age Structured Population Projection”, orally presented in 18th International Mathematics Conference, Bangladesh Mathematical Society, and Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). Dhaka, Bangladesh, 20-22 December, 2013.



  1. Satisfaction Prediction of Online Education in COVID-19 Situation Using Data Mining Techniques”: Bangladesh Perspective”, LH Poushy 1 , SA Bhuiyan 2 , M Parvin 3 , RA Hossain 4 , NN Moon 5 , J Nooder 6 , A Mahbuba 7, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE),Vol. 99, No. 1, Month 2099, pp. 1~1x, ISSN: 2088-8708, DOI: 10.11591/ijece.v99i1.pp1-1x

Population Dynamics, Differential Equation, Fluid Mechanics.

"Yearly University Scholarship from 2005 to 2009", Awarded by J.U

  1. Member of the organizing committee (Disciplinary and Problem Setup and Exam. Conduction Committee) of DIU Inter departmental Math Olympiad, 2019 which was hold on 25 June 2019.


Lecturer in Mathematics, Department of TE, Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology.