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Mst. Sharmin Akter  Lecturer (Senior Scale)
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Mst. Sharmin Akter
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Lecturer (Senior Scale)  
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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M. Phil. Continuing at Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET) from semester April’17 to till now (Course work has been completed, Thesis is running) in  Applied Mathematics, University of  Dhaka (DU)
B.Sc.(Honor’s) in Mathematics, University of  Dhaka(DU)

Special Responsibility:

  1. Assigned to the organizing committee of “ DIU Growing Star Program, Spring-2022”
  2. Admission Counselling Support, DIU, Ashulia, Spring-2021, organized by the Department of GED, DIU, was assigned to me.
  3. Under the leadership of Associate Professor Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin, I worked as a member of the committee that prepared international content (Mathematics) and also developed application-oriented mathematics course templates for the Faculty of Engineering, DIU.


  1. Workshop on "Sharing Strategies to Write High Impact Factor Journal", 10:00am-12:00pm, 22/08/2022.
  2. Workshop on “OBE Curriculums Development”, 02:00pm-03:30pm, 08/06/2022.
  3. Day Long Workshop on “Academic Development and Post-COVID interventions”, 9/9/2021, 10:00am to 05:00pm.
  4. Research workshop on “Qualitative Paradigm: Data Collection Methods and Data Analysis” 28/07/2021 , 3.30 pm-5.30pm organized by Division of Research
  5. Research Workshop on " Quantitative Research: Data Analysis and Interpretation using SPSS”, held on 10, 12, and 13 August 2020 from 3.30 pm to 5:30 pm, Organized by the Division of Research, DIU.
  6. “The Best Practice Dissemination Workshop-01", held on 24/09/2020 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Organized by the Department of GED
  7. Best Practice Dissemination Workshop-02, held on 15/10/2020 from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Organized by the Department of GED
  8. Best Practice Dissemination Workshop-03, held on 18/11/2020 from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Organized by the Department of GED
  9. Best Practice Dissemination Workshop-04, held on 13/12/2020 from 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm. Organized by the Department of GED
  10. “Day Long Teacher's Training, Self-development, and Research Development” held in 12th January 2019 at 52 Milonaiton Daffodil Tower 4th Floors, organized by Daffodil International University.
    Agenda: 1. Fundamental of teaching 2. Preparation for class 3. Classroom performance 4. Classroom management 5. Reducing the I and F grade 6. Need-based teaching and learning 7. Understanding the student’s needs 8. Invigilation, exam script packaging, and top sheet 9. General discussion with respect to DIU on academic activities 10. Conducting Exams. (Class test, assignment, presentation, mid-term, final) and evaluations.11. Non-judgmental judgment 12. Preparing the grade sheet and submission 13. Research and Development.
  11. "Research Methodology of Cutting-edge Technology-Based Research on Fluid Flow", held in 15thJanuary 2019 at 308 MC, conducted by Dr. Jashim Uddin, Associate Professor, Department of GED, Daffodil International University.
  12. "Effective Use of Google Class Room for the DIU Students to Increase Critical Thinking" held in 21thJanuary 2019 at Banquet Hall, conducted by Honorable VC Sir, organized by Daffodil International University.
  13. “Professional Development and Higher Study" held in 25.02.2019 at room 308 MC, conducted by Honorable Respected Registrar Sir, organized by Daffodil International University.
  14. “Importance of Module" held in 18.03.2019 at room 308 MC, organized by Daffodil International University.


  1. Day long academic planning and development meeting conducted by Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Head, Department of GED, on 9th August 2018.
  2. Day long Training on academic planning and development from 12th to 14th August 2018, organized by Daffodil International University (DIU), Dhaka, Bangladesh, which covered the following area-
  • Productive Skills development.
  • Using Moodle and Google Site for Education.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Research and Development.
  • Basic Training for teachers.
  1. Participated in the International Training of Trainers on “Higher Education for Morality, Social Values, Determining Good and Ethical” Conducted by Dr. fay Patel, Bholanath Dutta, PhD and Voravate Choniasin. Organized by: Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, Daffodil International University.
  2. Participated in the International Training of Trainers on “How to publish articles in Impact factor enriched and good indexed journals and preparation for PhD program” Conducted by Hafiz T.A. Khan, PhD. , Organized by: IQAC, DIU, Dhaka.


  1. Attended a seminar on “Magneto hydrodynamic Mixed Convective Nanofluid in a Channel with Finite Thick Wall Open Cavity”, 31/07/2022, Dept. of Mathematics, BUET.
  2. Seminar on “Singular Value Decomposition-based Image Compression Technique” on 25/01/ 2022, organized by GED, DIU.
  3. Attended a seminar on “Magneto hydrodynamic Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow in a Lid-Driven Porous Trapezoidal Enclosure with an Obstacle”, 2021, Dept. of Mathematics, BUET.
  4. Attended a seminar on “Numerical investigation on electrical and thermal performance of photovoltaic thermal system in Bangladesh”, 07/11/2021, Dept. of Mathematics, BUET.
  5. PhD seminar on “Basic Concept of Hydrodynamics” at Digital classroom on 10th March 2018, conducted by Dr. Md. Abdus Salam.
  6. PhD seminar on “Robust Optimization Approach to Network Congestion and Power Efficient Network Problems” at Digital classroom on 30 June 2018, conducted by Dr. Bimal Chandra Das.
  7. PhD seminar on " Fundamentals of Nanofluids: Evolution, Applications and a New Model" at Digital classroom on 3rd March 2018, conducted by Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin.

Differential and Integral Calculus, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation, Co-Ordinate Geometry, Linear Algebra, Matrix and Vector Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Laplace Transform and Fourier Analysis, Fundamental Algebra, Discrete Mathematics.

  1. Protima Dash, Md. Mosfiqur Rahman and M. Sharmin Akter, "Developing Algorithm to Obtain the Maximum Flow in a Network Flow Problem" Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems 11 (2): 455-459, ISSN:  1943023X  © Institute of Advanced Scientific Research, 2019 (Scopus Indexed).
  2. T. Zohora, M. Sharmin Akter, “A Method of Finding the Distance Between Two Places on the Surface of the Earth” American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences
    (ASRJETS), Volume: 49, Issue: 01, Pages: 51-60, 2018

A study of Perturbation method and its application, Traffic Flow Dynamics(running),  Bio-Statistics (running)

  • Member of Bangladesh mathematical Society.
  • Member of Dhaka University Alumni Association