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Md Zahid Hasan  Assistant Professor
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Md Zahid Hasan
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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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PhD in Image Processing (Ongoing), Jahangir Nagar University (JU)

M.Sc. in Information and Communication Engineering, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

B.Sc. in Information and Communication Engineering, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

  • Training Course on Mobile Application Development, National Mobile Development Awareness & Capacity Building Program of Ministry of Information & Communication Technology (MoICT), Bangladesh, 2014.
  • Smart Apps Development Training for University Teachers “PhoneGap and Other Platforms” Supported by Ministry of Information & Communication Technology (MoICT) and organized by Daffodil International University (DIU), 2014.
  • Workshop on Interactive Teaching and Learning, Green University Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning (GUCETL),June 2013
  • Leadership Training at Green University of Bangladesh, 2015.
  • Training course on Networking (Windows 2003 & Redhat Linux) 2006 Rajshahi, RUET.

Data Communication, Cryptography and Information Security, Database, Programming & Problem Solving, Object Oriented Programming, Digital Image Processing, Computer Fundamentals, etc.

Journal :

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Book Review:

1. “Developing Responsive Web Applications with AJAX and jQuery”- Sandeep Kumar Patel (Author), PacktPub publishers, July 2014



1. T.M.Shahriar Sazzad, Sabrin Islam , Zahid Hasan, “Automated Image Processing Approach Using Gamma Encoding for Human Visualization, Analysis and Comparison” International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education 2013, ICERIE 2013, pp. 316- 321, 11 ̶-13 January, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

2. Islam, Mohammad Shahidul; Auwatanamongkol, Surapong; Hasan, Md.Zahid, "Boosting facial expression recognition using LDGP: Local Distinctive Gradient Pattern," Electrical Engineering and Information & Communication Technology (ICEEICT), 2014 International Conference on , vol., no., pp.1,5, 10-12 April 2014 , doi: 10.1109/ICEEICT.2014.6919069

Digital Image Processing, Networking and Security, Wireless Communication

1. Assistant Professor, Green University of Bangladesh, 22, Aug. 2015-05 Oct, 2015

2. Senior Lecturer, Green University of Bangladesh, Sept. 2014 – 21th Aug 2015

3. Lecturer, Green University of Bangladesh, Jan. 2011 - Sept. 2014

4. Program Coordinator in CSE dept, Green University of Bangladesh, Mar. 2013 - 05 Oct, 2015

5. Moderator, GUCC, Green University of Bangladesh, Apr. 2013 - Sept. 2015

6. Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Green University of Bangladesh Sept.2012 - Feb.2013