Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Mr. A.K.M. Zaidi Satter  Senior Lecturer
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Mr. A.K.M. Zaidi Satter
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Senior Lecturer  
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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PhD in Computer Science & Engineering, Course work completed
M.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering, First Class
B.Sc in Electronics & Computer Science, First Class

SL. Title/Topic Name of the Institute
1. Workshop on Moodle: A tool of Teaching and learning. DIU
2. Workshop on ‘Structural Equation Modelling Basics Using SmartPLS Software for Management Research’ DIU
3. Workshop on ‘Writing High Impact Journal’ by Dr. Md. Aminul Islam, Associate Professor, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia DIU
4. Workshop on innovative learning and teaching DIU
5. Workshop on “Quality teaching  on higher education. IQAC(DIU)
6. Workshop on ‘how to publish article in well indexed journal’ DIU
7. Training on “instructional Strategy and effective teaching Leaning Methods” DIU
8. Seminar on “How to publish research article in high impact journals” DIU
9. Workshop on Google Class Room DIU
10. International Conference on Tertiary Education: Realities and Challenges Daffodil International
11. Seminar on Research process for PHD and article Publication Daffodil International
12. Teachers Training on Following ESI Philosophy and Bangladeshi needs East Side Institute, USA and DIU
13. Professional training on Interactive teaching Methods Robert Vance Selby, University of Virginia (USA).
14. Time Management and Introduction to HRM PUM (Netherland)& DIU

Computer Programming
Networking and IT
Management Information System
ICT in Business    

National/International Journals :

SL. Topic/Title of the Paper Publishing Authority  Year
1. Dataset on the influence of software development agility on software firms' performance in Bangladesh DATA IN BRIEF, ELSEVIER 2019
2. A Fuzzy Algorithm for De-Noising of Corrupted Images. International Journal of Computer Information Systems 2013
3. The Role of E-governance in creating Digital Bangladesh International Journal of Advances in Science & Technology. 2012
4. Citizen Perspective E-governance Model for Developing Countries: Bangladesh Context American Journal of Modeling and optimization 2013
5. Generator Scheduling (A Combinatorial Optimization Problem) by Annealing Method. DIU journal of Science and Technology 2007

Proceedings of National & International Conference :

SL. Topic/Title of the Paper Publishing Authority  Country/
01. E-School: Design and implementation of a Web based Teaching Institution for Enhancing E-learning Experiences. ICCCI UK 2018
02. Start-up Sustainability: An investigation of e-SERVQUAL dimensions on customer retention for social media based small businesses. IKGC Bangladesh 2018
03. Inpainting on Digital Images using Convolution Based Method- A Comparison Study. ICBEB Thailand 2017
04. Fuzzy Logic based Snooze Schema for Wireless Sensor Network
MAC Protocol
ICCIT Bangladesh 2011
05. A Two-Stage Approximation Algorithm Using ICCIT Bangladesh 2005


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