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B.A. (Hons) in English. M.A. in English Literature.

1. Attended workshop on Pedagogy in a Writing class on March 23, 2016. This workshop was organized by English Department, Dhaka University. It was conducted by Ms. Diane Slaouti of University of Manchester.

2. Attended a workshop on Listening on April 21, 2015. The workshop was organized by the English Department of DIU. The Resource person was Ms. Sara Denne-Bolton, M.A. Regional English Language Officer, U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal.

3. Attended Training on Pedagogyand Assessment Bloom’s Taxonomy organized by IQAC of DIU.  Mr. Voravate Chonlasin and Ms. Narumon Wangnai were present in the session as resource persons.

4. Attended a day long workshop on Research Methodology on  April 12, 2015, organized by the English Dept.(DIU). The resource persons were Dr. Sayedur  Rahman,associate Professor, Dhaka University and Dr. Sanyat Sattar, associate Professor from Jahangirnagar  University.

5. Attended Bangladesh Summit, Featuring Google for Education organized by Daffodil International University on 27 & 28 February,2015 from 8.00AM to 4.30PM.

6. Attended BIL Workshop Series(24th December, 2014) titled 'Steps and process of Doing Research and Getting Article Published in International Peer Reviewed journals' Facilitated by Dr. Obaidul Hamid, Lecturer, school of Education, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

7.  Attended a Workshop (6th December, 2014) on' How learning works: Brain-based Approach and Best Practices for Teaching Writing' from 10:00am to 5pm at Room no 308, Main Campus, DIU. The facilitator was: Dr. Rosa Fagundes, Fulbright Scholar, University of Dhaka.

8. Participated in an IQAC Workshop on Pedagogy in Theory & Practice  by Shaptaparna Roy from India  on April 24, 2016 organized by Daffodil International University,Dhaka.

9. Participated in a workshop titled Self -Assessment and Improvement Plan and Peer Review Process organized by Department of English, Daffodil International University, Dhaka on 13th March, 2016.

10. Attended a Teachers Training Program by Dr. Wendy A. Garland, specialist in the instructional strategies and effective teaching-learning methods, on 19th May, 2015 at DIU.

11. Attended  the national Conference The Machine in the Garden: Literature, Language and Technology in English studies. English Department of DIU organized the conference on September 19, 2015.

12. Attended seminar on Remapping Dickens for the Contemporary World in BRAC University on June 28, 2012. Dr. Fakrul Alam presented the paper.

Both Literature and language.



  1. The Parable of Salvation or Damnation: A Study of Samuel Beckett's Biblical Allusions in 'Waiting For Godot'- Md. Kamal Hossain and Asma Alam. Published  in Daffodil University Journal of Business and Economics Vol-3, No.2, December,2008. ISSN1818-6238.
  2. New Men of the Modern Africa: A comparative Study of Ferdinand in A Bend in the River and Nwoye in Things Fall Apart- Asma Alam and Irina Ishrat. Published in World Vision, Research Journal, Vol. 7,No. 1. February 2013. ISSN: 2078-8460.
  3. Portrayal of Death and Nature in Emily Dickinson’s poems- Asma Alam and Irina Ishrat. Published in Banglavision’ (ISSN: 2079-567x) Volume 11, Number 1, April 2013.
  4. Motherhood: a tool of woman’s empowerment in The Treatment of Bibi Haldar- Asma Alam. Published in City University Journal (ISSN: 2412-2823) Volume:1, Number 1, September 2015.