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1. Research Scholar (Ph.D.) through ICCR scholarship, English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad.
2. M.A. in Applied Linguistics and ELT (English Language Teaching) from University of Dhaka
3. B.A (Honors) in English from University of Dhaka.

  1. Participated in a “MULTILILA workshop” arranged by British Council & English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad on March 5 & 6, 2020.
  2. Participated in a 3 days seminar on “Statistics for Research Methodology”  arranged by the department of ELE, English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad on February 28 to March 2, 2020.
  3. Participated in a literary talk titled, “ Translation Studies and Critical Thinking” facilitated by the poet and translator Ditio Syed Haq, organized by Department of English, DIU in the Digital Classroom, Daffodil Tower, on 8th April,2017
  4. Participated in the daylong Symposium titled, “Teaching of English Pronunciation in Bangladesh: Issues and Practices” organized by Department of English, DIU in DT 05, on 14th January, 2017
  5. Participated in the Symposium titled, “ English Language Policy & Teaching of English” jointly organized by BELTA ( Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association) & Department of English, University of Dhaka at RC Mozumder Auditorium, DU  on 11th  December, 2016
  6. Participated in the seminar titled, “CLT: Its present scenario & future prospects in Bangladesh” facilitated by Dr.Obaidul Hamid, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, organized by Department of English, DIU in DT 05, on 10th December, 2016
  7. Participated in the daylong workshop titled, “Curriculum & Materials Design in the Teaching of English at the Tertiary Level” facilitated by Dr.Fakrul Alam  & Dr.Shamshad Mortuza, Professor, Department of English, University of Dhaka,Dr.Mohammad Shahidullah, Professor, , Department of English, Rajshahi University, Dr. Mark Bartholomew, Director ,Quality Assessment and Capacity Building, BRAC University and Dr.Sayeedur Rahman, Associate Professor, Department of English, IML, University of Dhaka, jointly organized by Department of English & IQAC, DIU in DT 05, on 26th August, 2016  
  8. Participated in the workshop titled, “ Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics” facilitated by Professor R.R. Gaur Hon.Visiting Professor, National resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering , IIT , Delhi, India, Dr. Kumar Sambhab, of Galgoties University, Utter Prodesh, India and Mr. Rajul Asthana of Manaviya Shiksha Sanskar Santhan, Kanpur, India held from 2-4 May, 2016 at the Banquette Hall, Level-9, DIU
  9. Participated in a workshop titled, ‘Self- Assessment and Improvement Plan and Peer Review Process’ facilitated by Dr. Habibur Rahman held on 13thMarch, Banquet Hall, DT 5, organized by Department of English, DIU.
  10. Participated in a day long workshop on “Research Methodology” facilitated by Dr. Sayedur Rahman, Associate Professor, Dhaka University and Dr. Sanyat Sattar, Associate Professor, Jahangirnagar University on 12th April, 2015.The workshop was organized by the English Dept. (DIU).
  11. Participated in the day long workshops titled, "How Learning Works: Brain-Based Approach” from 10:00am to 1:00pm and “Best Practices for Teaching Writing,” from 3:00pm to 5:00pm on 6th of December, Saturday, 2014 from 10:00am to 5:00pm, at Room no 308, Main Campus. The facilitator was: Dr. Rosa Fagundes, Fulbright Scholar, and University of Dhaka.
  12. Participated in the day long ‘Award Leader Training Session’ by The National Award Authority of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Bangladesh, held at DIU, on 16th August, 2014
  13. Participated in a seminar titled, ‘Life with Colourful Moments’, facilitated by Dr. S.M. Ejajul Islam, Enlisted Actor, held at DIU Auditorium, on 29th May, 2014.
  14. Participated  in a seminar on “Structuralism and English Literature” facilitated by Associate Professor Shamsad Murtoza, Department of English, University of Dhaka, held at DIU auditorium on November 30,2013.
  15. Participated in “Social Business Youth Convention”  held at Daffodil International university on 29th June.2013 and had a write up on the souvenir of Social Business Youth Convention named “The Youth Convention of Social Business: A New Dimension for the youth ”.
  16. Participated in a seminar on ‘Postmodern Fiction’, facilitated by Professor Dr. Syed Manzoorul Islam, Professor, Department of English, and University of Dhaka, held at DIU Auditorium, on 27th June, 2013.
  17. Participated in a seminar on ‘Art of Effective Living’, facilitated by Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director, Students Affairs, and Daffodil International University, held at DIU Auditorium, on 27th February, 2013.
  18. Participated in an international conference on “Tertiary Education: Realities & Challenges” organized by Daffodil International University, held at DIU Auditorium, from 19-21 January, 2013.
  19. Participated in an international ELT seminar, “Teacher Effectiveness” facilitated by Dr. Christine Coombe, President, TESOL, Fife-Macduff, US RELO officer, and a number of faculties of English Department of different universities of UAE, jointly organized by BELTA ( Bangladesh English Language Teachers’ Association) and TESOL Arabia held at EMK Centre, Dhanmondi from 1-2 December, 2012.
  20. Participated an international conference on ELT(English Language Teaching) arranged by the university of Dhaka on October 20,2012 which helped to have good command in English language teaching .
  21. Participated in a teacher training workshop on, “Ways to improve classroom practices in Bangladesh”, organized by FAAB (Fulbright Alumni Association of Bangladesh) held at EMK Centre, Dhanmondi on 10th November, 2012.
  22. Participated a Two-Days’ International Seminar on ‘Innovative ideas in twentieth century classroom’ organized by BELTA, AIUB and THT (Teachers Helping Teachers) on July 2-3, 2010.
  23. Participated in a workshop titled, “English Language teaching “facilitated by SPEED of Ascent Group, Bangladesh held at Khaja Tower, Mohakhali on1 \to 4 January 2009


  1. Arranged workshop on demonstrating tools from the Course "Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment" on December 14, 2017 in presence of RELO, American Center.
  2. Leading a Role as Module Moderator for the "Teacher Training Development" from August 12 to August 14 by GED Department


1. PALSS ( online course of 10 weeks ) from University of Oregon, USA. AE E Teacher Scholarship program.
2. Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment ( online course of 5 weeks), from University Oregon through AE E Teacher Scholarship program.
3. Online learning- Get Started through British Council.
4. Global Citizenship (Online course) through British Council.

  • English Language Teaching
  • Linguistics
  • Phonetics & Phonology
  • Sociolinguistics


  1. Rani, S, “FACTOR ANALYSIS: THE ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN ENGLISH SPEAKING SKILL OF BANGLADESHI EFL LEARNERS AT TERTIARY LEVEL” is published in a Scopus-indexed journal “Journal of Critical Reviews” at Volume 7, Issue 19 on September 18, 2020. Page (6983-6994) doi:10.31838/jcr.07.19.802 and the publication link is
  2. Rani, S & Tina, A. A. (2020). THE IMPACT OF BANGLA REGIONAL DIALECT ON THE PRONUNCIATION OF ENGLISH AT TERTIARY LEVEL. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews (Scopus-indexed), Volume 8, [eISSN: 2395-6518 (Online)], 513-522 and the link is on March 11, 2020.
  3. "Factor Analysis: The Challenges in English Listening Skill of Bangladeshi EFL Learners" is published in DIU Journal of Humanities and Social Science at Volume 5, July 2018; ISSN no: 2305-0136
  4. “Error Analysis of the Written English Paragraphs of Bangladeshi EFL Learners" is published in one journal “NELTAELT Forum”. ISBN No: 9789937292634. The web link is -


Conference Paper

  1. Presented a paper named “Rubrics and its future perspective in Bangladesh” in the National ELT Conference organized by IER, University of Dhaka and Eau D Action.
  2. Presented another paper in the seminar named “Issues and challenges in teaching Tertiary students” organized by the Department of English, Uttara Branch, Daffodil International University.
  3. Presented a paper in 7th BELTA International Conference collaboratively with Sadia Zafrin Lia on “Tools for Everyday Classroom Assessment in Bangladesh EFL context” on 2-4 January, 2015.
  4. Presented a paper at the 2nd ICTL conference at Independent University, Dhaka on "The Effect of Eclectic Educational Psychology" in the EFL Classroom on June 28, 2018.
  5. Presented a paper on “Using Exit Slips to assess Everyday Class in an EFL Class” at BELTA National Conference, April 6, 2019 at Mymensingh Agricultural University, Dhaka.
  6. Presented a paper named "Factor Analysis: Challenges and Issues in English Speaking Skill of Bangladeshi EFL learners" in the 7th International Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing (NTELTA) organized by Canadian Institute of Knowledge Development (CIKD) on March 17, 2019 at Dubai, UAE.
  7. Presented a paper named " The Influence of Regional Dialect " with Afroza Akhter Tina, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, DIU in the 17th Asia TEFL Conference organized by Thammasat University (Language Institute) from June 27 -29, 2019 at Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.
  8. Presenter a paper on “The Hindrances and Issues in Reading skill of Bangladeshi EFL learners” in “A Two-Day National Conference on ELT: Issues and Challenges” on January 5 & 6, 2020 at English & Foreign Language University, Hyderabad.
  9. One of her papers named "The Effect of Eclectic Educational Psychology in EFL Classroom" is accepted in the TESOL Convention 2019, Georgia, Atlanta, USA
  10. One of the paper named “Teacher Questions: A strategic Enquiry to the Achievement of LSRW skills of EFL learners” has been accepted in the 2nd International Virtual TESOL Conference 2020 Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia on September 5 & 6, 2020.


  1. Limited Lexis for EFL children (UCMAS Programme)

Research Interest

  1. Learners’ Autonomy
  2. Teacher Education
  3. Professional Development
  4. Computer Assisted Language Learning(CALL)
  5. Using literature in language classroom
  6. Critical Thinking Skills
  7. Psycholinguistics
  8. Sociolinguistics
  9. Teaching Psychology
  10. Education
  11. TESOL
  1. Scholarships awarded for SSC (1st in Female Merit List in Jessore board and 13th place in Combined Merit List), HSC, BA (Hons.) & M.A exam results.
  2. Best Student Award in the whole District by Governmental Female Secondary School Project in 1997 and 1998.
  3. Talented (1st graded) scholarship in both class V and VIII.

3. Asia TEFL

  1. Mastermind
  2. BIT
  3. ULAB
  4. Scholastica