Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management
Mr. S. M. Mahmudur Rahman  Lecturer
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Mr. S. M. Mahmudur Rahman
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Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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B. Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM), Daffodil International University (DIU), Bangladesh.

M. Sc. in Environmental Science and Management (ESM), Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh.

Special Courses on Interactive Learning and Teaching Tool Edpuzzle, Authorized by Edpuzzle, and offered through Edpuzzle Online Professional Development Platform (2021)

Special Courses on Climate Change, Authorized by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), and offered through UNITAR Online Learning Platform (2020)

Specialization Course on GIS, Authorized by University of California, Davis and offered through Coursera (2020)

Training on "Environmental Impact Assessment: Bangladesh Perspective" by the Department of ESDM, DIU (2018)

Climate, Culture and Art Symposium by International Centre for Climate Change and Development (2018)

Leadership Development Program "Agragami 2017" by Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2017)

Workshop on Smart Cities, "Smart City, Good City, Our City" by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (2017)

Training on "OpenStreetMap (OSM)" as part of the Data 4 Action Project by Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (2016)

Water Quality Assessments, Fundamentals of Ecology, and Ecosystem, Ecosystem Services, Diversity Indices, Physical Environment, Water Resource Planning and Management

  1. Pasha, A.B.M.K., Mustafa, S.O., Rahman, S.M.M., Abdullah, M., Chowdhury, M.A.H., Parveen, M. (2022). Analysis of Water Quality of Hatirjheel Lake, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nature, Environment and Pollution Technology.
  2. Rezwan, S.M., Chowdhury, M.A.H., Rahman, S.M.M. (2022). Assessment of Ecosystem Services, Plant Diversity Pattern, and Water Quality of an Urban Water Body in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In: Abdalla, H., Rodrigues, H., Gahlot, V., Salah Uddin, M., Fukuda, T. (eds) Resilient and Responsible Smart Cities. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation. Springer, Cham.
  3. Pasha, A.B.M.K., Abdillahi, M.M., Rahman, S.M.M., Mozumder, S., Chowdhury, A.H., Fuente, J.A.D., Parveen, M. (2022). Studies on Physicochemical Properties of Buriganga Riverwater and the Vegetation Coverage of Surrounding Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sci. Int. (Lahore) 34(2), 73-78.
  4. Pasha, A.B.M.K., Basak, G., Parveen, M., Chowdhury, A.H., Mozumder, S., Rahman, S.M.M. (2022). Solid Waste Management System: A Case Study Based on Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Daffodil International University Journal of Science and Technology, Volume 17, Issue 1.
  5. Pasha A.B.M.K., Chowdhury, A.H., Hussain, A., Rahman, S.M.M., Mozumder, S., Fuente, J.A.D. (2021). Identification of the ecosystem services and plant diversity in Ramna Park Dhaka, SPR, Volume 1, Issue, 4, Page No.: 286 – 297.
  6. Parveen, M., Abdullah, M., Rahman, S.M.M., Chowdhury, M.A.H., Pasha, A.B.M.K., Khan, M.S.I. (2021). Improvement of wastewater quality of Dhaleswari river, Bangladesh using submerged macrophyte Egeria densa. In: International Workshop on UI GreenMetric.

Water Quality Analysis, Saline Water Impact on Flora, Water Purification through Aquatic Plants, Ecosystem Services and Valuation, Biodiversity Estimation and Assessment, Herbarium Development

  • Fellow, Teaching Apprentice Fellowship (TAF), Daffodil International University, 2021
  • DIU Academic Scholarship, Daffodil International University, (2015-18)
  • World Environment Day Project Competition 2017
  • TOD = Transit Oriented Development
  • DIU Project Competition 2017
  • TNM = Transport Networking Model
  • DIU Project Competition 2016
  • W to W = Waste to Wealth