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Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam
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Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management
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1. PhD (1988) from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK, in Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management.

2. MSc (1983) by course work and dissertation at Strathclyde University - recommended for transfer to PhD without certificate.

3. BSc (1978) from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, in Electrical   Electronic Engineering.

4. "H" Levels (1974) from Craigmount Secondary School, Edinburgh, UK.

5. "O" Levels (1972) from St.Joseph's High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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2. Islam, Y.M., Gronlund, Å., Rahman, Z., Razzaq, S.S., Sayed, M.A., & Zaman, S. (2006). "Interactive-Lecturing , a new approach to improving teaching delivery and student learning in a face-to-face classroom situation" WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on ADVANCES in ENGINEERING EDUCATION Issue 5, Volume 3, May 2006, ISSN 1790-1979 ,

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4. Islam, Y.M., Rahman, Z., Razzaq, S.S., Sayed, M.A., & Zaman, S. (2006). "Effect of Feedback during Lecture Style Delivery Both in a Face-to-Face Classroom & during a Distance Education Television Session in a Developing Country like Bangladesh without the Use of Internet," ICALT, pp. 469-471, Proceedings of Sixth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT'06), Kerkrade, The Netherlands.


5. Islam, Y.M., Ashraf, M., Rahman, Z. & Rahman, M. (2005). "Mobile Telephone Technology as a Distance Learning Tool". ICEIS 2005, Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Miami, USA, May 25-28, 2005. ISBN 972-8865-19-8, pp.226-232.


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7. Nesa, M & Islam, Y.M, (2008). “Use of mobiles to introduce a mechanism of feedback in Distance Education delivered through video/television for the purposes of improving quality of delivery”, at the International Conference on “Quality Enhancement in Educational Communication”, Tiruchirapalli, India, March 29-30.


8. Alam, M. S. & Islam, Y.M. (2008). “Virtual Interactive Classroom (VIC) using Mobile Technology at Bangladesh Open University (BOU). 5th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning – Access to learning for Development, London, 13-17 July, 2008.


9. Grönlund, Å., Islam, Y. (2008a) The eduPhone: Interactive eLearning for developing countries. In Jancewski, L.J. (ed) /Global Mobility Roundtable: Innovative Services Through Mobile Technologies/, University of Auckland, NZ. ISBN 978-0-473-14252-0


10. Grönlund, Å. & Islam, M. Y. (2008b) Bangladesh Virtual Classroom: eLearning for all – today. In CUNNINGHAM, P. & CUNNINGHAM, M. (Eds.) Collaboration and the Knowledge Economy - Issues, Applications, Case Studies (5): eChallenges e-2008. Stockholm, Sweden, IOS Press. pp. 1565-1572. ISBN*:* 978-1-58603-924-0

Current research in the areas of ICT for Development. Interests include:

    • 1. low-cost interactive distance education without the use of Internet,
    • 2. low cost data collection from remote rural regions,
    • 3. collection and delivery of agricultural market information from rural regions
    • 4. low cost order, distribution management and sales monitoring in rural areas
    • 5. secure national voting through mobile phones
    • 6. e-learning, m-learning and participatory techniques that transfer ownership
    • 7. use of Mind Maps in student counseling, psychological counseling
    • 8. use of participatory techniques in distance education

1. Awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship: to do a 2-year MSc at Strathclyde University.

2. Achieved equal highest marks at MSc and recommended for a transfer to PhD.

3. Awarded an Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS), David Livingston Scholarship and Charles Wallace Award to do PhD at Strathclyde University.

4. Awarded 100% for software project at 3rd yr BSc level at Heriot-Watt University.

5. Current research in to interactive distance education through television/video and mobile applications has led to awards of three Swedish SPIDER fund of 900,000 SEK projects with support from Ümeå and Örebro Universities. The second project is 90% complete while local government permissions for the third project are being sought.

Jun 08 – to date:      

Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Daffodil International University (DIU) and Executive Director, Human Resources Development Institute (HRDI). Currently setting up programs to help improve the soft skills of students at DIU.

Aug 07 – May 08:     

Project Coordinator, “Bangladesh Virtual Classroom Project”
Spearheading a project to make television/video interactive to deliver distance educational courses. Project funded by SPIDER (an affiliate of SIDA), working in collaboration with Örebro University, Sweden and Bangladesh Open University (BOU), Gazipur.

Achievements: Have run two successful pilot sessions aired on national television. The completed 28 lessons of the second project are currently being aired every Saturday on the national television carrier, Bangladesh Television (BTV).

Nov ’00 – July ‘07     

Computer Science & Engineering Dept. (CSE), BRAC University
Position  :

Associate Professor. Last administrative position: Director, Teaching Learning Centre. Previous position: (Founder) Chairman, CSE


Developed the academic programs at the CSE Department from scratch as founding Chairperson. When joining the second administrative position, in Aug 2004 CSE had 700 students and 18 staff members.

Developed a highly successful foundation course in computing based on the needs of private university students. This course is taught across all department majors.

Developed a highly successful Systems Analysis & Design course given years of industry experience.

Initiated Bangla Language Processing Centre. Altogether brought in five externally funded projects for the department.Initiated ICCIT conference at BRAC University.

Voted most influential teacher by students in a University survey done by foreign consultant. Developed successful teaching methodologies for private university students.

As Academic Coordinator of the Residential Semester, developed the highly successful academic programs and student workshops for students in residence.

Launched the Teaching Learning Centre – designed a highly successful Ethics and Culture course for private university students and workshops. Designed and conducted 5 rounds of teacher development workshops.

Oct ’00 – Jun ‘03      

Strengthening Institutional Systems in Planning, Planning Commission
Position:Senior IT Consultant (Half-time)
Achievements: Successfully implemented a sustainable multi-user database system for creating the National Annual Development Program. Funded by DFID.

Oct '92 to Sept '94:  

Financial Sector Reforms Program, Bangladesh Bank
Position          : National Computer Training Consultant (Half-time).
Achievements :Organised and trained personnel of Bangladesh Bank, Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Janata Bank and Rupali Bank to design and develop PC network based computerised systems. The training enabled the banks to start PC departments where new software systems are now developed.
Developed a documentation methodology that has superceded unwieldy documentation techniques given by IBM and is now extensively used by Sonali Bank. Funded by USAID.


Nov '78 to Sept '79   

Department of Applied Physics & Electronics, Dhaka University.
Position held    : Course contract Lecturer
Job Description: Teaching electronic technology courses at undergraduate level.

Oct '94 - Sep '97 :     

Computer Services Unit (CSU), Grameen Trust
Position          : Program Advisor (Half-time)
Achievements: Setup Computer Services Unit (CSU) from scratch. Now an independent organization called Grameen Communications.Successfully computerised 120 branches all over rural Bangladesh and 9 branches in Nepal.Unique design features made the software successful both in rural Bangladesh and abroad. Conducted international workshops on behalf of CSU, Grameen Trust.

Feb '98 - to date:      

London Metropolitan University (LMU) & NCC Education (UK)
Position      : Regional Moderator in Bangladesh for LMU & NCC Education.
Achievements: Oversaw implementation of the Bachelor's Degree program in Computing Information Systems running in 10 different centres all over Bangladesh.

Sept '89 - to date :    

Rafi Computer Systems Limited now SOFT-ED Ltd (since August 1995)
Position : Systems Director, then Managing Director and now Chairman

(own company)
Achievements       :Successfully designed and supported implementation of computer systems at Glaxo (BD) Ltd., Organon (BD) Ltd. and Grameen Krishi Foundation. Introduced a Computing Studies 'O' Level curriculum in 15 schools in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Developed 16 lesson wise schoolbooks to enable delivery of the curriculum.

Mar '90 to Feb '91    

Grameen Bank
Position held  :Computer Consultant (Half-time)
Achievements:Designed, developed and implemented the computerised Form 15 MIS system. The system is fully implemented and allows the bank to monitor the performance of over 1050 branches.Trained bank's computer personnel to maintain system and develop new reports. The bank's staff have now added over 50 reports & 450 branches to the system

Dec '88 to May '89    

Siemens, Dhaka.
Position held    :Senior Sales Engineer (Full-time job)
Job Description: Visiting existing and prospective clients to bring about an awareness of the various aspects of Siemen's medical products.

Aug '88 to Sept '94 

Informatics Computer Centre, Dhaka.
Position held :Lecturer on contract
Achievements: Introduced and taught Systems Analysis and Design techniques using process driven Data Flow Diagram techniques and structured English pseudocode.

Sept '82 to May '87  

Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK.
Position held   : Computer Tutor (as required)
Job Description: Guided the students of Strathclyde University on computer programming at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Aug '78 to Sept '81  

Bangladesh Electrical Industries Ltd. (a subsidiary of Philips Ltd.)
Position held  : Assistant Manager (Television Production) Full-time position
Achievements: Designed various innovative low-cost indigenous production techniques. An innovative production technique reduced in-line production faults from 400 to 12 faults per 100 sets thereby increasing production of TV sets from 40 to 70 sets per day without additional labour.