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Mr. Md. Mushfiqul Islam  Lecturer
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Mr. Md. Mushfiqul Islam
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Department of Information and Communication Engineering
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MSc. in CSE(Ongoing) Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
BSc. In CSE,  Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

  1. “Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching (CITET 101) conducted by Professor Ahmed Mustafa, PhD.
  2. Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching: Preparation of Teaching Dossier conducted by Professor Ahmed Mustafa, PhD.
  3. “Certificate Course, Teachers Training on Engaging and Interactive Online Class” by HRDI

Seminar and Webinar:

  1. Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on the Future of Higher Education
  2. Effective Virtual Teaching & Learning: Methodology & Best Practices
  3. Learn about COVID-19 pandemic and how to tackle: General perspective
  4. A Mixed Strategy for Online Teaching: Backward Design & Flipped Classroom
  5. Providing Feedback to Students in Online Platform
  6. Webinar On Creating awareness on IPR among faculty members of DIU and way forward
  7. Use of Alternative Assessments in Everyday Classroom Practices
  8. Mobile Communication in Bangladesh: Challenges of the Future
  9. Delineating the Components of OBE(Outcome Based Education)
  10. Webinar on "Smart City and Smart Village: Perspective Digital Bangladesh" organized by Hi-tech park authority
  11. Content Design and Teaching Methodology Concept from Prof. Dr. Yousuf M. Islam
  12. "General Concept of Intellectual Property (IP) and why IP is important for the University"
  13. Webinar on “Artificial Intelligence in the Post COVID-19 Era” by IEEE Bangladesh chapter

Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm, Operating System, Machine Learning, Database System

  1. Mushfiqul Islam, Muhammad Sheikh  Sadi,  Md.  Milon  Islam,,  Md  Kamrul  Hasan   “A  New Method For Road Surface Detection” Proceedings of  the 4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information & Communication Technology (iCEEiCT 2018)
  2. Sumaiya Tabassum, Md Mushfiqul Islam, Md Taslim Arefin, Md Zahirul Islam “RECENT ADVANCEMENT OF PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM BASED ON IOT” ,“SHODH SARITA-An International Multidisciplinary QuarterlyBILINGUAL Peer Reviewed Refereed Research Journal ISSN 2348-2397 Volume 7 Issue 28 October to December 2020

Machine Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Cloud Computing