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Md Salah Uddin  Lecturer
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Md Salah Uddin
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Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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  • Master’s in System and Software Engineering
  • National Research University- Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE), Moscow, Russia .
Title/Topic Institute Date
5th International Conference on Data Mining and Database University of Zurich, Switzerland 2/1/2018-4/1/2018
ELEKTRO 2018 University of Zilini, Czech Republic 21/5/2018-24/5/2018
IntellSys Conference The Science and Information (SAI), United Kingdom 6/9/2018-8/9/2018
Android Application Development BASIS 1/1/2014-30/4/2014
Research Seminar National Research University- Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE), Moscow, Russia 5/9/2017-30/12/2017
  • Structured and OOP Programming
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Database, Game Theory
  • Script Programming
  • Web EngineC
  • Computer Network

Book Chapter:

  1. “Implementation of Smart Indoor Agriculture System and Predictive Analysis”, Md. Salah Uddin et al.@ Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019 M. Singh et al. (Eds.): ICACDS 2019, CCIS 1045, pp. 424–435, 2019.
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  1. Md Salah Uddin et al. “Creating awareness about traffic jam through engaged use of stop motion animation: boomerang”, International Journal of Engineering &Technology, 7 (4) (2018) 6801-6809, DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i4.24691
  2. ”The Architectural Design of Healthcare Service with Big-Data Storing Mechanism”,  Md. Salahuddin, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear and Sung Soon Park, e-ISSN: 2278-0661,pISSN: 2278-8727, Volume 16, Issue 5, Ver. VIII (Sep – Oct. 2014), PP 81-94 
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  2. “Implementation of Hadoop Online Based MapReduce Mechanism to Process Big Data in Mobile Cloud Environment (MCC)” , Md. Salahuddin , Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Sung Soon Park and Rayhanul Islam Rumel ,The 2nd FTRA International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Application and Wireless Sensor Network (UCAWSN-14) 
  3. “Virtual Ek Tara Design for SmartPhone”, Rayhanul Islam Rumel, Md Salahuddin and Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, CogMIR 2014 
  4. Md. Samaun Hasan, Dr. Mohammad Ali, Mizanur Rahman,  Hosne Ara Arju, Mirza Mohtashim Alam, Md. Salah Uddin, Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, "Heritage Building era detection using CNN". The 3rd International Conference on Civil and Building Materials, Journal of Key Engineering Materials.  (ISSN: 1662-9795, Switzerland).


  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Relational Database
  • IOT
  • Neural Network
  • Data Science
  • Game theory (AR &VR)


1. Russian Government Scholarship for Master’s Program

2. Best Paper Presenter In HSE, Russia

3. Best Paper Presenter In IntelliSys Conference, London

4. Best Paper Presenter In DMDB Conference, Switzerland

5. East West University Financial Scholarship

6. Junior Scholarship


  1. TPC member of IEEE FMEC
  2. TPC Member of ICCBM 2019
  3. TPC Member of ICIMT 2019


1. Software Engineer, Alamin Travel, Moscow, Russia, January 2018-June 2018

2. Software Engineer, Multisourcing Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2015-September 2016

3. Project Manager, Perky Rabbit, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 2016-September 2016

4. Graduate Teaching Assistant, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 2014-December 2015