Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Mr. Md. Rumman-Uz-Zaman  Lecturer
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Mr. Md. Rumman-Uz-Zaman
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Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Faculty of Allied Health Science
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M.S. in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Applied Chemistry  Dhaka University (DU)

B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Applied Chemistry  Dhaka University (DU)   

1. Training on engineering and technology of sugar industries. Rajshahi Sugar Mills  Organization   05 Dec 2010---05 Jan 2011

2. Training on controlling and maintaining of different types of unit processes and unit operations Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI) Narsingdi, Bangladesh. Organization   30 Dec 2011---30 Jan 2012

Voluntary research assistant  Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology(INST) Savar, Dhaka in collaboration with Research Centre  Juelich(Forschungszentrum, Juelich) Germany.  01 Jul 2011--Continue

International :

 1. Integral cross section measurements of a few threshold reactions induced by Am/Be neutrons.   Authors:   Md. Shuza Uddin / Ingo Spahn / Syed Mohammad Hossain / Md. Rumman-Uz-Zaman / Md. Rakib-Uz-Zaman / Syed M. Qaim Radiochimica Acta. Volume number: 103 ,  Issue: 05, Page no. 329-334 ; May,  2015 ; Germany. 
2. Radiochemical measurement of neutron-spectrum averaged cross sections for the formation of 64Cu and 67Cu via the (n,p) reaction at a TRIGA Mark-II reactor: Feasibility of simultaneous production of the theragnostic pair 64Cu/67Cu
Authors:  Md. Shuza Uddin / Md. Rumman-uz-Zaman / Syed Mohammod Hossain / Syed M. Qaim.   Radiochimica Acta. Volume number: 102, Issue: 06, Page no. 473-480 ; Jun, 2014 ; Germany.


International Conference:


1. "Energetic 128I reactions in CdI2 – H2O system" Authors: Joydev Roy / Md. Rumman-Uz-Zaman / Md. Rakib-uz-Zaman.  Third International Conference, "Application of RadiotraCers and Energetic Beams in Sciences (ARCEBS-14)
Ref: 0113, January,2014. India.
2. “Radiochemical determination of intergral cross sections  for  the nuclear reactions 64Zn(n,p)64Cu and 67Zn(n,p)67Cu at TRIGA MARK-II reactor”  Authors:  Md. Rumman-Uz-Zaman / Md. Shuza Uddin/ Syed Mohammod Hossain/ Syed M. Qaim.  Accepted for 16th Asian Chemical Congress (16th ACC) Scheduled to be held on March 2016.

University Merit Scholarship   (University of Dhaka  2009 )
Board Scholarship   (Rajshahi Education Board  2005 )
Board Scholarship   (Rajshahi Education Board  2003 )