Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Ms. Tajnuba Sharmin  Lecturer
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Ms. Tajnuba Sharmin
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Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Faculty of Allied Health Science
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M.S in Food Engineering & Technology, 2016
University: Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University.

B.Sc in Food & Process Engineering, 2014
University:  Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University.

  • A seminar on “Food Safety for a Nation of Healthy Citizens” organized by “Bangladesh food safety Authority (BFSA)”.
  • A seminar on “Climate Change: Ensuring Food Security and Safe Food: organized by “Institution of Diploma Engineers (IDEB)”.
  • 30 days long Industrial Attachment at Hashem Foods Ltd. (Shezan Juice), Vulta, Rupgonj, Narayangonj.
  • 1 day long workshop on “UBUNTU and Open Source” at HSTU campus organized by BDOSN


Food Engineering, Food Preservation, Food Chemistry, Food Technology

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  2. Tajnuba Sharmin*, Neaj Ahmed, Abul Hossain, Md. Mojaffor Hosain, Shakti Chandra Mondal, Md. Raihanul Haque, Mohammed Almas, Md. Abu Bakkar Siddik. Extraction of Bioactive Compound from Some Fruits and Vegetables (Pomegranate Peel, Carrot and Tomato). American Journal of Food and Nutrition, 2016, Vol. 4, No. 1, 8-19.
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  4. Tajnuba Sharmin, Fahriha Nur-A Kabir*, Neaj Ahmed, Md. Shohel Rana Palleb & Nilam Debi Bristi. Effect of chemical preservatives on the shelf life of tomato juice. Acta Chemica Malaysia (ACMY), 2019, Vol. 3, No. 1, 43-55.
  5. Fahriha Nur-A Kabir, Md. Shohel Rana Palleb*, Ummay Habiba Mimi, Md. Mojaffor Hosain, Tajnuba Sharmin. Quality evaluation and storage study of coconut bar. Acta Scientifica Malaysia (ASM) 2020. Vol 4, No. 1, 19-26.
  6. Tajnuba Sharmin*, Shamim Reza, Md. Azadul Islam, Shamim Hossain, Saddam Hossain, Abu Darda Masud, Asraful Alam, Fahriha Nur-A Kabir. Development of lychee pulpy drinks and quality assessment during storage. Sustainability in Food and Agriculture 2021. Vol 2, No.1, 31-39.
  7. Tajnuba Sharmin*, Neaj Ahmed. Development of nata de coco and strawberry flavored nata de coco drink and comparative quality evaluation. Science Heritage Journal (GWS) 2021. Vol 5, No. 2, 34-40.
  • Design and Fabrication of a Stirred Tank Bioreactor for Optimum Growth of Lactobacillus species.
  • Comparative Growth Study on Lactobacillus species from Different Traditional Dairy Products in Bangladesh by Using Stirrer Tank Bioreactor.


  • National Science and Technology Scholarship (NST) in MS

Review experience:

  1. Act as a reviewer of “Intake of Black Vinegar on Anthropometric Measures, Cardiometabolic Profiles, and Insulin Sensitivity among Impaired Glucose Tolerance Subjects” for the journal “International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences”.
  2. Act as a reviewer of “Storage of terminalia superba engl. & diels. Seeds” for the “Journal of Experimental Agriculture International”


  • 4 year 8 months’ work experience as Assistant Professor, Department of Food Engineering, NPI University of Bangladesh, Manikgonj