Department of Physical Education & Sports Science
Dr. Mohammad Sohel  Adjunct Faculty
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Dr. Mohammad Sohel
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Adjunct Faculty  
Department of Physical Education & Sports Science
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
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  • PhD on Physical Education, (Islamic University, Bangladesh) Title Ethical Consideration of Physical Education in Islam & the Muslim World
  • Master of Physical Education (MPEd) Uttra University,
  • Diploma in Physical Education, Ramkhamhaeng University Thailand, Bangkok
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd), National University,
  • Diploma in Coaching (Punjab University) Patiala India
  • International Further Education Course for Physical Education teacher (Leipzig University Germany),
  • Level- 1, Volleyball Coaching Course (National Olympic Committee Dhaka)
  • Level- 2 Volley Ball Coaching Course (Chennia India), Pass for Level- 3,
  • Volleyball Cooperation Program
  • Physical Training Course (PTC) Bangalore India,
  • SSC Jessore Board (xii) HSC (Dip in com), Technical Education Board.
  • BSS (Hons) In Government and Politics (Asian University),
  • Com Pass & Previous (Rajshahi University,
  • Com Marketing (Rajshahi University).
  • Director, Dept. of Physical Education, Islamic University
  • National Volleyball Coach of Bangladesh Team from 15 March 2003 to 30 March 2003, (Enclosed office order)
  • National Volleyball Coach of SAF Games held in Madras, from 7 January 1995 to 7 January 1996, (Enclosed office order)
  • National Volleyball Coach of Indo-Bangla, Bangla Games held in Dhaka, from 23 October 2007 to 20 January 2008, (Enclosed office order)
  • National Volleyball Coach of World Cup Volleyball Qualification Match held in Pakistan, from 30 December 2008 to 2 February 2009, (Enclosed office order)
  • National Volleyball Coach of 11 SAF Games held in Dhaka, from 15 January 2010 to 10 February 2011, (Enclosed office order)
  • National Volleyball Player: Participated in many National & International Volleyball Match from home & abroad.

Conference Papers


  • Attended Discover English: Students’ Conference on English Language and Literature organized by American International University-Bangladesh & TESOL Society of Bangladesh and presented the paper “The Assessment Systems of the Rural Primary School Teachers to Their Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic” on 08/12/2022
  • Attended International Conference on Innovation and Transformation for Development-2022 and presented the paper “An Investigation into the Learning Strategies used by Students of BA ESOL” on 29/10/2022
  • Attended the Regional IML Two-day Conference 2020 and presented the paper “Strategies in English language learning: A study of a rural primary school students in Bangladesh” on 28/02/2020


Conferences Papers and Attended:


  • Test and Measurement on Motor fitness: A Case Study on Bangladesh National Volleyball team Coaching Seminar (Enclose office Order).
  • Anti-Doping Samar on Dregs & Sports Organized by Bangladesh Olympic Association Enclosed Participation Certificate and Papers).
  • International conference on Leadership and Project Management held in Bond University Gold Cost Australia (Enclosed Officer Order, Partition Certificate and papers
  • International Workshop on Sports and Environment Webster University Austria (Enclosed office order)
  • Seminar on Ensuring Quality Physical Education in Bangladesh Organized by department of Physical Education Uttara University, Dhaka Date July 21th 2018 (Enclosed Papers)
  • Sub Region Sports Conference 20th September 2018 Kathmandu Nepal (Enclosed office order & participation Certificate).
  • Ordinary General Assemble Kualampur Malaysia (Enclosed office order & Participation certificate)
  • Participated 26th Summer Universide Shenzhen China (Enclosed office order & participation certificate
  • Participated 27th Summer Universide Kazan Russia (Enclosed office order & participation certificate
  • Participated 28th Summer Universide Gwangju Republic of Korea (Enclosed office order & participation certificate
  • Sports Seminar Organized by National Sports Council Dhaka (Enclosed office order)
  • Workshop on Sports Training Design & Execution, Organized by BRAC International Study Center & EDEXCEL UK 16 September 2017 (Enclosed office order & Participation certificate)
  • World University Badminton Championship 9 to 12 December 2004 (Enclosed office order & Participation certificate)
  • International Conference on Hospitality & Tourism & Sports Management (HTSM) 2019 Sports & Tourism Osaka, Japan (Enclosed office order & Participation certificate)
  • Webber on the Combating COVID 19 through Sports Science Hygiene & Nutrition Organize by the Department of Physical Education, Uttra University Dhaka 27th November 2020 ((Enclosed Program Schedule)
  • FIVB Technical Seminar on Liboro held at FIVB Regional Development Centre Chennai, India (Enclosed office order)


Publication (Journal):


  • The role of Sports Physical Enhancement in Successful Sports Performance Journal of Development forum ISSN-224-9915, Volume 2, No 2, December 2012 Page No. 23-30
  • Arm leg and Grip Strength Variation in Gymnastic and Swimmers of BKSP, International Journal of Physical Education Health and Sports Science, Issue-2, ISSN- 2279-0306-07 October 2014 Page no- 01.
  • Motor Fitness of BKSP made and Female Teams Player-A Profile Study, International Journal of Physical Education Health and Sports Science, Issue 01, ISSN- 2279-0306, 01 March 2015 Page No. 08-12.
  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation of the Individual Athletes and Team-A Case Study Journal of Development Forum ISSN 2224-9915 Volume-1, No 1, December 2011, page No- 182-195.
  • Sports Injury South of Bangladesh Athletes Journal of Development Forms ISSN 224-9915 Volume 3 No. 3, December 2013 Page No. 31-46.
  • Physical Fitness Status of National Archers of Bangladesh- A Profile Study Global Excellence in Fitness and Sports Science International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Science 6th 27 January 2018, Page 322-320.
  • Strength and speed Abilities of Female Athletes a Profile Study ISSN 2279 0306 International Journal of Physical I Education Health & Sports Science volume 6 issue 02 October 2017 Page 11-19.


Publication (Books):


  • Psychology of Sports Education, Mohammad Sohel, Gronthokother, 26 Bangla Bazar, Dhaka.
  • Management, Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sports Dr. Mohammad Sohel Millennum Publication Ltd. Bangla Bazar, Dhaka.
  • Executive member of Bangladesh Volleyball Federation for 2006 to 2016 worked as a Vice Chairman of Coaching, Selection, Planning & Development Committee.
  • Working as a Member Inter University Sports Board & South Asian University Sports Federation from 2006 to till now.
  • Councilor Bangladesh Cricket Control Board & Worked as a member of Accounts & Audit Committee 2008 to 2016.