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Mr. Md. A.K. Azad  Assistant Professor & Coordinator M.pharm
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Mr. Md. A.K. Azad
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Assistant Professor & Coordinator M.pharm  
Department of Pharmacy
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M.Pharm and B.Pharm from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

1. I have successfully completed one week training course on “Teaching Methods and Techniques” at Bangladesh University under the Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Mymenshing in Sep.2012

2. Successful four weeks in-plant training completed from “Incepta pharmaceuticals Limited”savar,
Dhaka, Bangladesh. During this period I observed all manufacturing sector as well as quality control and all operations included in Tablet, Capsules, Ointment, Dry Syrup, Liquid and Sterile parenteral preparation.



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Research Interest:
Basic interest in the field of Neuropharmacology, Cell Biology, Diabetes andCadiovascular Pharmacology. I am an enthusiastic, adaptive and fast-learning person with a broad and acute interest in the discovery of new innovative drugs, I particularly enjoy collaborating with scientists from different disciplines to develop new skills and solve new challenges

Research Experience
I have been doing research work on Phytochemistry and Pharmacology in different related fields since 2009.