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Ms. Aklima Akter  Assistant Professor
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Ms. Aklima Akter
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Department of Pharmacy
Faculty of Allied Health Science
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• M. Pharm from Jahangirnagar University.

• B. Pharm from Jahangirnagar University.


• Training on Teaching, Research, and Professional Development, at Daffodil International University in 2019.

• Training on DIU Moodle System at Daffodil International University in 2019.

• Research Talk on Future Medicine and Medication for Higher Education,  IQAC in 2018 at Daffodil International University,

• Training on Outcome Based Teaching & Learning (OBTL) at Daffodil International University, 2018.

• International Summit on Employability and Soft Skills (ISESS2017) at Daffodil International University. 

• Innovative Teaching Learning Expo (ITLE) in 2017, Daffodil Education Network at Daffodil International University.

• Participatory Engaging Teaching in 2017 Daffodil Education Network at Daffodil International University.

• In plant training about 4 weeks at Eskayef pharmaceuticals limited (Mirpur-1 plant).

• One day tour at Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, ACME Laboratories Limited, Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited, Sanofi Bangladesh Limited. 



  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Hospital & Community Pharmacy
  • Inorganic Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology




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  • In recognition of scholarly publication in reputed Indexed Journals, Daffodil International University, 2019.
  • Outstanding performance and contribution to Daffodil International University (DIU), 2022.
  • In recognition of scholarly publication in reputed Indexed Journals, Daffodil International University, 2018.
  • Government Scholarship during Bachelor of Pharmacy study at Jahangirnagar
  • University, Dhaka (2012, 2011, 2010)
  • Scholarship Grant of Comilla Board Scholarship of HSC & SSC (2008 & 2006).
  • Bangladesh Government Scholarship for outstanding result in Junior
  • School Certificate Examination & Primary School Certificate Examination (2004 & 2000.

• Product Executive, Strategic Marketing Department at Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (February 2016- 05 January 2017)

• Officer,Validation, Research & Development Analysis at Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (October 2013-January 2016)