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Ms. Nahian Fyrose Fahim  Lecturer (Senior Scale)
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Ms. Nahian Fyrose Fahim
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Lecturer (Senior Scale)  
Department of Pharmacy
Faculty of Allied Health Science
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B. Pharm. (Hons.) and M. Pharm.(Thesis)

  1. Three weeks In-plant training from Eskayef Bangladesh Limited for partial fulfilment of B.Pharm Degree
  2. Two month training as Teaching Apprentice form DIU
  3. Employability and Soft Skill Training organized by HR Development Institute
  4. Professional Excel Training from Jobs BD 
  5. MOOC on Understanding Dementia from University of Tasmania, Australia
  6. 3 days training on “Care Giving System of aged people suffering from chronic disease”organized by Sir William Beverigde Foundation(SWBF)
  7. Training on Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry (Molecular docking, Protein and Drug optimization) organized by Red Green Research Centre, Bangladesh
  8. Computational Tools for Cancer Research organized by BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong,Bangladesh
  9. ADI Dementia Care Skills for Care Workers  organized by Bangladesh Dementia Action Alliance
  10. Training on Statistical package for social science(SPSS) organized by  HR Development Institute


  1. Pharmacology and clinical pharmacy
  2. Pharmaceutical Analysis
  3. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  4. Medicinal chemistry
  5. Drug Discovery and Design
  6. Pharmaceutical Technology



  1. Diagnosis of heart diseases and its treatment approach in urban areas of Bangladesh; Nahian Fyrose Fahim, Afsana Mimi, Mominur Rahman, Fouzia Akter, Sirajo Ismail Isah; PharmacologyOnline, Newsletter, 1, 49-60, April 2019.
  2. Comparative quality evaluation of different brands of ciprofloxacin tablets available in pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh; Mizanur Rahman, M. Asraful Haque, Nahian Fyrose Fahim; PharmacologyOnline, Archive, 1, 43-49, April 2019.
  3. In vitro inhibitory effect of methanol, hexane and ethylacetate extracts of albizia lebbeck (siris tree) stem bark on the activity of alpha glucosidase, Sirajo Ismail Isah, Bilal Sirajo Musa, Nahian Fyrose Fahim, Faisal Muhammad; PharmacologyOnline, Archive, 1, 20-26, April 2019.
  4. Assesment of hepatoprotective activity of roots and barks of achyranthes aspera in carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Nahian Fyrose Fahim*,Zakia Sultana Sathi; Malaysian Journal of Halal Research (MJHR); 1(2) (2018)23-26.
  5. Evaluation of Phytochemical, Animicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity of Nyctanthes arbortristis Methanolic Leaf Extract. Partha Karmakar and Nahian Fyrose Fahim*;PharmacologyOnline, 3, 433-439,December 2018.
  6. A scenario of higher education and employability: Bangladesh context. Nahian Fyrose Fahim*, Subrata Majumder, Omar Faruk & Shapna Rani Sutradhar; E-Journal of the Language Practice & Information Technology; pp: 26-35, Volume 3, 2018.
  7. B. S. M. Bodiuzzaman, Sabreena Chowdhury Raka, Arifur Rahman, Nahian Fyrose Fahim, Sherejad Sanam and S. M. Abdur Rahman. “Comparative in vitro equivalence evaluation of Fexofenadine hydrochloride 120 mg generic tablets marketed in Bangladesh”, World J Pharm Sci, 2017; 5(7): 44-50.
  8. Point Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in a Health Camp at Bashabo, Dhaka; S. M. Keramat Ali, Nahian Fyrose Fahim* ,S.M.Farid Imam, Galib Ferdous ; Daffodil International University Journal of Allied Health Sciences, Volume1, Issue 2, 63-68, 2014.
  9. Role of oral hygiene on occurrence of rheumatic fever among Bangladeshi children. Mahzuma Anam, S.M.Keramat Ali, Nadira Mehriban, Nahian Fyrose Fahim, Daffodil International University Journal of Allied Health Sciences, Volume 1, Issue2, 141-146,2014.


  1. Dementia Related Problems and Prevention Phase II (ISBN: 978-984-34-2651-1)
    Co-Authors: Professor Dr. Shah Mophammad Keramat Ali, Dr. Salamat Khandker, Dr. Nadira Mehriban, Dr. A.B.M. Alauddin Chowdhury, Dr. Asiul Kabir, Nahian Fyrose Fahim. Publisher: Daffodil International University
  2. Diet for Health during Ramadan by S. M. Keramat Ali, Dr. Bellal Hossain, Nahian Fyrose Fahim, 2015 (Book).

Conference Proceedings:

  1. A scenario of higher education and employability: Bangladesh context. Nahian Fyrose Fahim, Subrata Majumder, Omar Faruk, Shapna Rani Sutradhar. International Summit on Employability and soft Skills, 2018, Malaysia.
  2. Poor Proficiency of English Language among Tertiary Level Students in Bangladesh and its Effect on Employability: An Investigation to Find Fact and Solution; Nahian Fyrose Fahim, Subrata Majumder, Tanvir Ahmed; International Summit on Employability and soft Skills,2017.
  3. Dementia: A new health concern for developing countries, especially Bangladesh; Nahian Fyrose Fahim; 4th International Conference on Vascular Dementia 6(1) 2016, Journal of Alzheimers Disease & Parkinsonism, Spain.
  4. Health related quality life of 60 plus aged people living in urban areas of Bangladesh, Nahian Fyrose Fahim, S.M.Keramat Ali; 3rd National Conference of Science and Technology-2016,Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  5. Solvent effect on halogen bonding between protein and ligand by density functional theory; MA Halim, N Fyrose, N Sultana, M.S. Sarwar; 97th Canadian Chemistry conference and exhibition,2014.
  • Drug design and Discovery
  • Computer aided drug design
  • Phytochemical and clinical analysis 
  • Dementia Disease and treatment approach
  • Geriatric Health Issues


  1. Primary Scholarship from Comilla Education Board.
  2. Junior Scholarship (Talent pool stood first in Thana) from Comilla Education Board.
  3. Subidpur Shikkah Shomaj Unnoyan Shangha Scholarship (3 years).
  4. SSC Board Scholarship from Comilla Education Board.
  5. Award from Prime Minister for Junior Scholarship.
  6. Best presenter award, International Summit on Employability and Soft Skills 2019, Malaysia 
  1. Member and Junior Judge, English Speaking Union, Bangladesh Chapter.
  2. Executive Member, Daffodil International University Alumni Association.
  3. Head, Dementia Issue, Sir William Beveridge Foundation (Voluntary).
  4. Member, DIU Social Business Forum.
  5. Member, Red Green Research centre.
  6. Member, Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Daffodil international University for 6 months in 2014
  • Research Associate, Daffodil International University from 2015-2016