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Kaushik Sarker  Associate Professor
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Kaushik Sarker
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Department of Software Engineering
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MSc in Computer Systems and Network Engineering, University of Greenwich,
London, United Kingdom.

BSc in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, North South University, Dhaka.

H.S.C in Science, English Version, Notre Dame College, Dhaka.

  • Embedded Systems Training, Japan 2016
  • Robotics Sensor Training, Module 1, 2, DIU 2014- 2015.
  • Basis in HTML, CSS, Mysql, JQuery, JavaScripts, Bdjobs 2013.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate, Module 1,2,3,4, AIUB 2010-2011.


DIU: Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics and Networking, Robotics

China (Exchange Faculty): Programming, Satellite Communication, Robotics



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Researching on Embedded Gas Engine Generator System, Image Processing and Robotics Vision, Transaction Fraud Detection System Using HMM, Cyber Security Strategy, Computational Linguistics etc.

Research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Cyber Security and IoT, Robotics and Education etc.

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Scopus Author ID: 57195509076
Google Scholar Author Name: Kaushik Sarker

  1. Research Award for Publication in Scopus by Research Division, DIU, 2018, 2019.
  2. Vice Chancellors Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, 2017.
  3. Scholarship for H.S.C Result from Dhaka Board, 2006.
  4. Junior Scholarship in Talent Pool Grade, 2000
  1. Mentor, Bangladesh Innovation Forum
  2. Mentor, BASIS Students Forum
  3. Advisor, IEEE Students Branch, DIU
  4. Moderator, Software Engineering Club (DIUSEC)
  5. Departmental Coordinator, Robotics Club (DIURC)
  6. Unified Communications, UK
  7. Alumni, Cisco Networking Academy


Sep. 2013 to Jan. 2014
Position: Lecturer (Part Time), Dept. of Software Engineering, FSIT, Daffodil International University, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Feb 27, 2019 to Mar. 22, 2019
Position: Exchange Faculty, Faculty of Information, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology, Hunan, China.

Sep 14, 2019 to Jan. 14, 2020

Position: Exchange Faculty, Faculty of Information, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology, Hunan, China.Jan. 2014 to Present: Department of Software Engineering, Daffodil international University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.