Department of Software Engineering
Ms. Syeda Sumbul Hossain  Lecturer (Senior Scale)
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Ms. Syeda Sumbul Hossain
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Lecturer (Senior Scale)  
Department of Software Engineering
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
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B. Sc. Of Software Engineering,  Daffodil International University
Master in Information Technology (MIT), Institute of Information Technology (IIT), University of Dhaka

1. ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level (conducted by jobsbd)
2. Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals  (conducted by Oracle Academy)
3. Oracle Database 11g: Administration I (conducted by Oracle Academy)
4. National Android Apps Development Program (conducted by MCC)
5. Java SE 7 Fundamentals (conducted by Oracle Academy)
6. Java SE 7 Programming (conducted by Oracle Academy)
7. High-Tech park Scholarship Program on Advanced OOP in Java (conducted by IBCS-Primax Software)
8. Participatory Engaging Teaching Techniques

Software Engineering, Data Structure, Database


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Empirical Software Engineering, Global Software Development, Agile , Distributed Software Development, Requirements Engineering, Machine Learning.

  1. Junior Scholarship Certification, Talent pool
  2. SSC exam Board Scholarship, General
  3. ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester