Department of Textile Engineering
Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun  Associate Professor
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Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun
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Associate Professor  
Department of Textile Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
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9116774, Ext: 383

B.Sc. in Textile Technology; M. Sc. in Applied Textile Management(Sweden)

1. Completed two months industrial training in Islam Garments Limited.

2. Training on ISO in Northern Corporation Ltd.

3. Training on inspection in SGS (BD) Ltd. and attended numbers of seminars, fairs.

Textile Engineering



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  2. Mamun, Abdullah Al, Impacts of Compliance Issue on the Cost of Making and FOB Price of Bangladeshi Knit Products, International Journal of Management and Humanities (IJMH) ISSN:2394-0913, Volume-2 Issue-2, January 2016, pp 17-20
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  5. Ismail Hossain, Abdullah Al Mamun, Mahbubul Haque,and Zulhash Uddin, Comparison of Fuzzy Intelligent Model and Taguchi Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Bursting Strength of Viscose Plain Knitted Fabrics, American Journal of Engineering Research (AJER) (ISI indexed), e- ISSN: 2320-0847 p-ISSN : 2320-0936, Volume-6, Issue-1, pp-184- 193,

Thesis Book:

2008 Quality Manual for Scandinavian Apparel Importers Importing from Bangladesh. Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Boras, Sweden

Quality Manual, Apparel Management

IEB (Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh); ITET (Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologists)

1. Worked as a ‘Merchandiser’ in Opex Group, Dhaka for two years.

2. Worked as a ‘Quality Assurance Manager’ in Northern Corporation Limited, Tongi, Gazipur     for one and half years.

3. Worked as an ‘Inspector’ in SGS (Bangladesh) Ltd. for almost two years.