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Ms. Nawshin Farzana  Assistant Professor
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Ms. Nawshin Farzana
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Assistant Professor  
Department of Textile Engineering
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MSc in Textile Engineering (Wet processing), BUTex
Thesis:  Equilibrium Adsorption Isotherm, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Bombyx mori Silk Fabric with Bi-functional Reactive Dyes
CGPA: 3.97 out of 4

BSc in Textile Technology
Major: Wet Processing Technology, position: 1st class, 10th 
BUTex [former institution: College of Textile Engineering &Technology, University of Dhaka]

Two months Industrial Training in “Woven & Yarn dyeing & finishing” at Beximco Textiles Ltd, Kashimpur, Gazipur, Dhaka.

Textile Engineering (specialization: wet processing technology)



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Research work:

  1. Equilibrium Adsorption Isotherm, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Bombyx mori Silk Fabric with Bifunctional Reactive Dyes
  2. Kinetic and thermodynamic approach of silk dyeing with Tormeric and Curcumin extract
  3. Fuzzy logic in Textile Technology

Research work supervised (for students):

  1. Color fastness evaluation of different fabrics dyed with indigo dyes in exhaust method
  2. Effect of light exposure on colorimetric properties of cotton knitted fabric with reactive dyes at different combination
  3. Establishing relation between K/S value of a Trichromatic target shade and individual reactive dye concentration by matrix algebra on 100% cotton knitted fabric
  4. Study on Color build-up, Migration behavior and Kinetics of dyeing of nylon knitted fabric with Anthraquinone acid dyes
  5. Alkaline modification of Viscose fabric: Effect on reactive dye uptake and fastness properties
  6. Migration inhibitor: Efficacy on pigment migration in a Pad dry process of cotton fabric
  7. A Comparative Study on the Effect of Formaldehyde-based and Non-formaldehyde Crosslinkers in Durable Press Finishing of Cotton Woven Fabrics
  8. Spectral analysis and performance evaluation of polyester/cotton blended woven fabric dyes with fluorescent disperse dyes
  9. Effects of multifunction scouring & bleaching chemicals on 100% cotton fabrics
  10. Behavior of cotton fabric after removal of protruding fibre applying cellulase enzymes treated in different temperatures & time periods

1. Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologists, Bangladesh (ITET).
2. Member of Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

Beximco Textiles Ltd (as Asst. manager in Lab & QC), Gazipur,Bangladesh.