Department of Textile Engineering
Dr. Md. Syful Islam  Associate Professor
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Dr. Md. Syful Islam
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Associate Professor  
Department of Textile Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
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PhD in Mechanical Engineering (USA)

M Sc in Mechanical Engineering (USA)

M Sc in Mechanical Engineering (BUET)

B Sc in Mechanical Engineering (BUET)

Engineering Ethics and Art of Living; Machine Dynamics and Design

Journals :


  1. Islam, M.S. and Wang, Z.Y. (2011). Failure of flip-chip joints in passive RFID tags and an alternate joining method. Int. J. Precision Technology, 2(4), 325-339.
  2. Wang, Z.Y., Islam, M.S., Dong, L.H., & Dong, Y.H. (2011). Failure study of micron-sized flip-chip joints on passive RFID tags. Int. J. Precision Technology, 2(1), 81-92.
  3. Mahfuz, H., Islam, S., Saha, M., Carlsson, L., & Jeelani, S. (2005). Buckling of Sandwich Composites: Effects of Core-Skin Debonding and Core Density. Applied Composite Materials, 12, 73-91.
  4. 5. Mahfuz, H., Islam, S., Carlsson, L, Atkins, M., & Jeelani, S. (2000). Effect of Implanted Delamination and Core Density on the Buckling Behavior of Sandwich Composites. ASME, AD-Vol. 62, AMD-Vol. 245, Mechanics of Sandwich Structures, 143-150.
  5. Islam, M.S., Hossain, M.I. & Sarkar, M.A.R. (1993). Effect of Pressure on Natural Convection Heat Transfer from an Inclined Cylinder. J. of the Institution of Engineers (India), August 74, 50-5

Conference Papers : 

  1. Mahfuz, H., Islam, S., Carlsson, L., Kardomateas, G., & Jeelani, S. (2001). Buckling Response of Sandwich Composites: Effect of Core Density and Implanted Interface Cracks. 13th Int. Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM-13), June 25-29, CD Proceedings, Paper ID: 1452.
  2. Islam, S. (2001) "Effect of Local Delamination & Core Density on the Global Buckling of Sandwich Plates." Southeast Graduate Student Symposium, Auburn University, Alabama. March 24.

Mechanical Properties of Material; Thermal Engineering

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology