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Dr. Ahmed Fakhrul Alam  Professor
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Dr. Ahmed Fakhrul Alam
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Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management
Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship
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M.Com. (Mgt),
Dhaka University, 1966 ( 2nd Position)
M.A. ( Econ.),
Dhaka University, 1967 ( 2nd Class Higher)
Veer Kunwar Singh University (a Central Govt. University), India.2002
Post Graduate Diploma in Management
George Washington University, U.S.A,1987

Post Graduate Training
Information Management from Malaysia, jointly organized by CAB, ADIPA and the University Pertanian Malaysia

Marketing, Management and Economics,



  1. Research book entitled “ Problems of Export Financing in Bangladdesh”,published by Bureau of Economic Research,University of Dhaka in 1974.
  2. Text Book entitled “Company Ain” (Company Law) published by Royal Library, Dhaka in 1997 and by Kamrul Book House in 2012.  The book containing about 600 pages has received high appreciation form relevant teachers, students and lawyers.
  3. Published 22 research papers/ articles in different recognised journals as follows”
  1. “Problems of Export Financing in Bangladesh- Past and Present”, published inThe Dhaka University Studies (Part-B), June, 1973.
  2. “A Case for an Export Bank in Bangladesh” published in The Business Review, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, December, 1992.
  3. “Some Characteristics of Export Firms in Bangladesh” – published in the Economist (monthly), Dhaka, February, 1973.
  4. “The Export Credit Guarantee Scheme in Bangladesh” – published in ‘The Business Chronicle’ (Monthly), Dhaka, December 1972.
  5. “Scope and Importance of Export Financing in Export Development- A Study of the Processes, Problems and Prospects of Export Financing”- The paper was included in working papers, School of Government and Business Administration, George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA (The paper involved study of export financing systems of 5 countries, namely USA, UK, West Germany, France and Japan with reference to Bangladesh.
  6. “Pattern and Problems of Marketing Patato in Dhaka City”, published in “The Dhaka University Studies (Part-C), June, 1981. 
  7. “Need for Standardization and Grading in the Marketing of Farm Produce”, published in Commerce and Industry (Monthly), Dhaka, July, 1968.
  8. “Pattern and Problems of Fish Marketing- A study of Inland Water Fishes in Dhaka City, published in ‘The Journal of Marketing, University of Rajshahi, Vol. 2, 1985.
  9. “Pattern and Problems of Advertising Cosmetic Products – A Case Study of Kohinoor Chemical Company Ltd.’, published in ‘The Dhaka University Studies’ (Pact-C), December 1991.
  10.  “Export of Shrimp from Bangladesh-Prospects and Problems”, Published in‘The Insurance Journal, Bangladesh Insurance Academy, Dhaka. 1995.
  11. “Export Credit Insurance in Bangladesh”, Published in “The Insurance Journal,’ Bangladesh Insurance Academy, 1995.
  12. “Students’ Attitudes Towards TV Advertisements in Bangladesh”- Published in‘The Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies’, Vol. XVIII (2), December, 1997.
  13. “Some Aspects of Real Estate Business in Dhaka City”- published in ‘The Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies’ Vol. XIX, No. 1 June, 1998.
  14. “Export of Computer Software and Data Entry Service from Bangladesh- Prospects and Problems”, published in Social Science Review, University of Dhaka June, 1999.
  15. “Marketing of Television Sets in Bangladesh- A Case study of Mehar Industries (BD) Limited” – published in ‘The Journal of Marketing, Vol. 1, No, 1, June, 1998. Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka.
  16. “Marketing of TV sets in Bangladesh- A Case Study of National Electronics Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.” published in Journal of Marketing, Vol. 3, No. 1 Sept. 1998, Department of Marketing, University of Chittagong.
  17. “Need for Specialized Export Financing Institution in Bangladesh”- published in ‘The Bangladesh Accountant, April-June 2000. The  Institute of Chartered Accounts of Bangladesh, Dhaka (The paper was jointly authored with Prof. Dr. T. Lal, Head of the Department and Dean, Faculty of Commerce, V.K.S University, Ara, India, as a partial fulfillment of Ph. D degree)
  18. Marketing of Insurance  Service in Bangladesh- A study of Marine and Fire Insurance in Public and Private Sector”- published in  ‘Applied Marketing in Bangladesh, Vol. 1, December, 1998, Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka.
  19. Òevsjv‡`‡k e¨vswKs †mevi cÖK…wZ I `¶Zv - miKvix I †emiKvix `ywU e¨vs‡Ki Zzjbvg~jK mgx¶v, ‘Applied Marketing in Bangladesh, Vol. II, December 1998, Department of Marketing, D.U. G cÖKvwkZ|
  20. evsjv‡`‡ki ißvbx‡hvM¨ n¯—wkí c‡b¨i †KŠkj-GKwU ch©v‡jvPbv, XvKv wek¦we`¨vjq cwÎKv, hy³ msL¨v 59, 60 I 61, 1997-1998 G cÖKvwkZ|
  21. “Potato Marketing Problems- A Case study of Feni”- an article published in‘The Pakistan Observer (Former), Dhaka, July 15, 1968. “Vegetable Marketing Problems”- published in ‘The Bangladesh Observer, Dhaka, January 1, 1981.

Conducted recearches in the field of Business Studies and Economics during last 40 years.

  1. Awarded Dhaka University Merit Scholorship during 1965-66.
  2. Awarded World Bank Fellowship under BMET Program in 1987 for pursuing Post-Gradudate Diploma Course in Management in the U.S.A

Professional and social affiliations:

  1. Honorary Faculty, New Age International University, Seborga, Italy.
  2. Honorary Adviser,  Institute of Education Research and Development, Kolkata, India.
  3. Fellow,The World Society  of Integrated Medicines, U.S.A.
  4. Member, Foundation of Homoeopathy, Nigeria.
  5. Member, International Federation of Homeopathic Physicians, India.
  6. Member, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.
  7. Member, Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical Association.
  8. Member, Association of Development Institutes of Asia and Pacific (ADIPA), Malaysia,
  9. Member, Bangladesh Marketing Association.
  10. Life Member: United Nations’ Schools Organization of Bangladesh, Bangla Academy, Bangladesh Economic Association, Dhaka University Alumni Assoication, DU Economics Dept. Alumni Association, National Management Association of Bangladesh, etc.

Professor & Chairman, Departmen of Marketing , Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. Served in Dhaka University for about 42 years  ( From October 07,1968 to June 30,2010 )